Ehsan Arasteh

Ehsan Arasteh

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Ehsan Arasteh currently works as the CTO and Software Architect at Yaraholding, a Tehranbased interactive agency and web development company. He has nine years experience in development with several languages, such as ASP.NET, C#, Java, PHP, and Python. He has also worked on banking projects, professional web applications, and so on.

He is also the CEO of Usablica; a company that makes open source applications, such as IntroJs and Magnet.

He started teaching C and C++ to high school students at the age of fourteen. He grew up with programming and started his professional life with his first official project when he was sixteen. It was his starting point in the official programming community. Since then, he has done a lot of projects as a developer, analyzer, consultant, architect, and project manager. He also came back to Academic Systems as an instructor in a game development institute, but he says, "Nothing is replaceable with coding".

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