Dr Alex Blewitt

Dr Alex Blewitt

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Dr Alex Blewitt has over 20 years of experience in Objective-C, and he has been using Apple frameworks since NeXTstep 3.0. He upgraded his NeXTstation for a TiBook when Apple released Mac OS X in 2001, and he has been developing on it ever since.

Alex currently works for an investment bank in London, writes for the online technology news site InfoQ, and has published two other books for Packt Publishing. He also has a number of apps on the Apple AppStore through Bandlem Limited. When he's not working on technology and if the weather is nice, he likes to go flying from the nearby Cranfield airport.

Alex writes regularly at his blog, http://alblue.bandlem.com, as well tweeting regularly on Twitter as @alblue.

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