Deep Shah

Deep Shah

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Deep Shah has been writing software for over a decade. As a child, he was always fascinated by computers. As time passed, his fascination grew into passion, and he decided to take up Software Development as a career choice. Deep has a degree in Computer Science and is a big fan of open source software. Being a Software Developer at heart, he likes exploring new programming languages, tools, and frameworks.

Deep strongly believes in writing unit tests. He thinks that any code (no matter when it’s written) that does not have unit tests is legacy code. Deep has served stints with companies such as Amazon, SpiderLogic, and ThoughtWorks. He speaks a number of languages including Java, C#, JavaScript, Scala, and Haskell. In his free time, Deep likes to see the world, go to cool places, and click lots of pictures.

Books from Deep Shah

Instant Mock Testing with PowerMock Book Cover
Instant Mock Testing with PowerMock
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