David Rusenko

David Rusenko

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David Rusenko was born in Paris, France, and spent most of his childhood overseas. He began working as a freelance web designer in 1996 and had his first experience with open source, a box copy of RedHat 5.2, shortly after in 1999. After six years and as many versions of RedHat, he now creates appealing web pages and devises solutions implementing high availability through clustering and alternate security models.

He founded Aderes in 2001, a company which provides email and web-based security solutions. His search for an appropriate Webmail platform for the company led him to Squirrelmail. Initially managing all aspects of the business, from the technical concerns to customer support, gave him the experience he now contributes to the Webmail chapter of this book.

David has studied both Information Sciences and Technology (IST) and Management Information Systems (MIS) at the Pennsylvania State University. He speaks English and French fluently, and is conversational in Arabic. During his free time and vacations, he enjoys scuba diving, backpacking, playing racquetball and playing electronic music records.

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