David Merel

David Merel

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David Merel is the founder and CEO of Thinkbright LLC a local/long distance telephone company as well as a

cutting-edge Voice Over IP carrier, providing businesses of all sizes with sophisticated and low cost VOIP


David started Thinkbright in 2005 and continues to manage the company and its employees, all of whom are

dedicated IT professionals. He acts as the company’s chief architect, designing new technologies that have added

significant revenues to the company’s operations. During his many years at Thinkbright, David has worked with

the latest Voice Over IP technology, including all VOIP equipment from major manufacturers such as Cisco,

Polycom, Grandstream, and Aastra. He also works with customers ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500

companies, and interacts with system integrators and IT consultants who call Thinkbright on a daily basis for

assistance with all of the VOIP solutions that Thinkbright offers. Thinkbright manages its own PBX system,

providing customers with PBX features such as Auto Attendants, Waiting Rooms, and Ring Groups, or assists

customers in managing their own PBX network while providing these customers with the service for incoming

and outgoing calls.

David has many years of experience with Trixbox and Asterisk, and has installed countless custom configurations

and deployments using those solutions.

David earned a Bachelor of Arts triple majoring in philosophy, politics and law from SUNY Binghamton. David

holds a CCNA (a Cisco Certified Network Associate) certificate and is proficient in over 10 languages and

databases, various operating systems, VOIP and related protocol, and other business applications.

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