Damodar Chetty

Damodar Chetty

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Damodar Chetty is a lifelong programmer with almost two decades in the computer software industry. He cut his teeth on assembler and BASIC programming, and has journeyed through FORTRAN, COBOL, Visual Basic, C++, and Java. Along the way he has stubbed his toes often enough to develop a keen sense of where dragons lie. He is currently an independent consultant at Software Engineering Solutions, Inc. doing what he loves most – building high quality software.

Damodar has a degree in Electronics & Telecommunications engineering from the University of Bombay, and higher degrees in Management Sciences from the University of Goa, and in Computer Engineering from the University of Minnesota.

He currently lives in Woodbury, Minnesota with his wife, Devi, and his children, Ashwin and Anita.

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