Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira

Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira

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Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira has been active in software development since 2007, in small, medium, and large companies in Brazil. He has had some experience working as a consultant for companies outside Brazil as well.

He has built cloud-centric applications where elasticity, resilience, fault tolerance, and monitoring were necessary for business success. His experience also includes Java and frameworks such as Spring Ecosystem, Guice, and Node.js, among others.

Claudio is a Docker enthusiast and believes it is an important aspect for developers to learn. He has experience with Docker especially within Java containers, with Kubernetes, and Docker Swarm as a container orchestrator.

He loves to share his knowledge, and in the last years he has been trying to improve his skills as a speaker.

Books from Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira

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Spring 5.0 By Example
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