Chris Khoo

Chris Khoo

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Chris Khoo has been an avid programmer since his first encounter with the personal computer in the 80s. Since then, he's evolved from a nerdy hobbyist programmer into a full-fledged software developer with over 15 years of industry experience in developing games at companies including Microsoft, Disney, Electronic Arts, and Nexon. To date, he has shipped over a dozen console, mobile, and online games including the FIFA series, the SSX series, Def Jam: FFNY, Tom and Jerry Online, and Hyper Grav. His unique combination of AAA console game programming experience and web development experience makes him uniquely qualified to pen a practical study of implementing audio using the Web Audio API.

Chris presently resides in Vancouver, BC, with his wife and two children. He is the founder and primary developer at Wappworks Studio, a 3-man indie game studio dedicated to online and mobile web games. When he's not busy at work, Chris enjoys playing board games and helping out with praise and worship at his local church.

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Instant Audio Processing with Web Audio
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