Chris Dickinson

Chris Dickinson

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Chris Dickinson grew up in England with a strong passion for science, mathematics, and, in particular, video games. He received his Master's degree in Physics with Electronics from the University of Leeds in 2005, and then left for California to work in scientific research in the heart of Silicon Valley. Finding that career path unsuitable, he began working in software testing and automation.

For years, he attempted to unravel the magic behind video games and 3D worlds through modding and level design, and was mostly self taught in software development and design. But, realizing that he needed proper tutelage and a stronger grasp of the fundamentals, if he ever wanted to build these complex applications himself, he decided to undertake a Bachelor's in Game and Simulation Programming while simultaneously working full time. He earned his second degree in early 2013 and continues his career in software development/test automation while simultaneously developing independent game projects in his spare time.

Books from Chris Dickinson

Learning Game Physics with Bullet Physics and OpenGL
$ 10.00