Chetan K Jain

Chetan K Jain

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Chetan K Jain loves to code, and has been writing code for over 16 years now. He is a Senior Architect, and has worked on mobile technologies for over 4 years for Nokia. Since then, he has moved on to work as a freelance consultant.

Chetan has significant experience in writing cross-platform mobile apps using jQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Nodejs, and has also worked extensively on Qt. Prior to mobile technologies, he has worked with Java technology and was also certified as an MCSD and MCSE in his early days.

Chetan is an active contributor to open source development, and tries to help jQuery Mobile development whenever he can. He regularly participates in developer forums, and was earlier a top-ranked member and a "mad scientist" in the Nokia Qt Developer Forum.

Chetan was born in Bangalore and lives there with his wife Shwetha and son Tanmay.

The only time he ventured to live away from Bangalore was when he worked for over 4 years in the USA. His adventure didn't end there. He did a solo US cross country drive in his two door coupe from the east coast to the west and back, driving alone for over 8000 plus miles in 16 days to experience and live life as he calls it. His travelogue can be found at

Chetan has contributed and published over 15 books to Gutenberg as a volunteer. He has also published four books on Jaina Literature and History written by his mother Saraswathamma. He is a voracious reader, and his other interests include music, movies, and travelling. Photography is his favorite hobby, and his clicks can be found at

Chetan can be reached at He also blogs at

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