Chelis Camargo

Chelis Camargo

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Chelis Camargo has over 25 years of experience in IT consulting. He is a self-taught technology enthusiast and patent-awarded performance SME.

With over 10 years of portal experience as a Senior Lead Architect, he has led many large-scale, cross-domain, business- critical portal efforts with multimillion budgets. From proposals to business analysis to delivery, he has managed relations from the top executive business to the very technical level. Chelis has worked for the IBM Portals practice, and consulted for many IBM software divisions and business partners.

In his free time, his interests range from artificial intelligence to robotics, astronomy, Tesla, and quantum physics. Occasionally, he plays some "rare" percussion instruments, such as Cuíca (or "kweeca") and Berimbau (or beɾĩˈbaw) . Above all, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, teaching, and playing with his son. More about him can be found on LinkedIn.

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