Charalampos S. Arapidis

Charalampos S. Arapidis

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Charalampos Arapidis is a Senior Software Engineer located in Athens, Greece specializing in J2EE application design and implementation. His other notable interests include data-mining/visualization techniques and tuning continuous integrated environments. From a very early age, Charalampos showed particular interest in advanced Mathematics and software development and has been honored twice at the Panhellenic Mathematical Contest for providing prototype and innovative solutions. He graduated in Computer and Software Engineering from the Polytechnic school of the Aristotle University. After graduation he dynamically entered the enterprise field where he helped his organization make the transition from legacy client server ERP and CRM applications to full stack J2EE with JSF implementations all in a streamlined and integrated development environment. The development of the Proteus Web Document Management System for the Greek Public Sector and his solutions to Kallikratis - the largest data integration project ever conceived in the later years of Greece's public sector – are two of his most recognizable achievements nationwide.

Charalampos currently works at Siemens Enterprise Communications as a Senior Software Applications Engineer, designing and implementing Unified Communications software at multinational level. When not working, he enjoys blogging, playing the classical guitar, and composing music, exploring new ways to translate polynomial equations to sound.

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