Chad Troftgruben

Chad Troftgruben

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Chad Troftgruben is a freelance media designer who has been working with Flash, Anime Studio, and other various software for a number of years. By applying methods from his cartoon animation and filmmaking background, Chad provides a simplistic yet creative approach to each lesson he teaches.

Beginning in 1996 with a program called Microsoft's 3D Movie Maker, Chad cut his teeth on the basics of animation, eventually graduating to Flash in 2002 and then Anime Studio in 2010. Live-action filmmaking was also a big part of Chad's life as he made short films with his friends throughout high school and college.

In 2007, Chad started providing free online video tutorials on Flash and other software. Since then, his tutorials have been viewed by millions of people, including entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and many others. In 2010, Chad was hired by LearnKey to present their Flash CS5 learning series, which was a six-hour course detailing the entire feature set of the software. Since then, he has been keeping busy with various animation and tutorial projects, such as creating Smith Micro's official Anime Studio 10 tutorial series and authoring for Virtual Training Company.

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