Brandon Milonovich

Brandon Milonovich

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Brandon Milonovich completed his Master's degree in Teaching and Curriculum with emphasis in Mathematics Education in December 2012 at Syracuse University in central New York. Prior to attending Syracuse, Brandon earned his Bachelor's degree in Adolescent Mathematics Education at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Brandon grew up in upstate New York with an interest in mathematics and computer science at a young age. Brandon has experience of teaching mathematical concepts to students using Scratch in third through fifth grade, as well as experience of teaching mathematics at the middle school, high school, and university level.

It was during Brandon's time at Saint Rose that he began his work with Scratch through an internship program with Computer Science professor Helen Albanese. In coordination with three Albany City School District teachers, Brandon developed an after-school program centered on programming in Scratch for at-risk youth. The program expanded the following year to include a broader age range of students. Now, Brandon works towards making learning Scratch more accessible within the classroom itself, both with traditional methods and flipped classroom-blended learning style concepts, to build the mathematical foundation students need to be successful 21st century learners. Brandon believes in sharing of information as broadly as possible, and so has presented with his colleagues at numerous conferences and workshops on Scratch, and hopes to continue to do so.

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