Bala Natarajan

Bala Natarajan

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Bala Natarajan has an engineering degree in Electronics & Instrumentation from India. He graduated in 1987 and started his career as a System Support Engineer for Unix, Novell NetWare, and MSDOS. From 1994 onwards, he specialized in Computer Networking to provide large enterprises in India with design and support for LAN and WAN networking using Cisco and Nortel networking gears.

He moved to the US and worked in a large telecom company as a dedicated Support Engineer to connect over 300 school districts in the state of Washington. He joined Microsoft in 1998 as a Support Engineer in the Platforms Networking team and the Enterprise Security team. He worked as a pre-release product Support Engineer for TMG 2010, UAGDA.

In 2011, he moved to the Windows Core networking team as a Program Manager for DirectAccess.

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