Anupom Syam

Anupom Syam

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Anupom Syam is a web application developer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He started programming back in 1998 in C when he was a high school kid. In his early university years, he met Java and fell in love immediately. Through the years he has become proficient in various aspects of Java (ME, SE, and EE). Early in his career he was engaged mainly in building localized mobile applications. Over time his interest in web technologies grew and he did not hesitate to jump onto the Web 2.0 bandwagon. Over the last five years he has been working with different startups and building web/mobile applications. He currently works as a Development Engineer at Trippert, Inc. where he has been involved in developing a travel-based blogging system (which is developed using CakePHP) as the lead back-end programmer.

He loves to build rich-client web apps with JavaScript/AJAX in the front end and CakePHP/RoR/MySQL in the back end. He still uses Java heavily for his personal fun-time projects. He also maintains blogs: and Besides programming he is interested in many things, ranging from the most recent scientific discoveries to ancient Vedic philosophies.

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