Anup Shah

Anup Shah

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Anup Shah has been a professional software and web developer since 1997. After graduating from Manchester University with a First Class Honors degree in Computing and Information Systems, he got a job in the United States. There, he soon headed the web development for a rapidly growing dot com, experiencing both the highs and lows of the first dot com bubble.

After a number of years there he moved back to England where he grew up and joined a small dynamic software company working as a consultant, architect, and web developer for some high profile retail e-commerce websites, including some of the world's largest.

Around 2007, while at the same company, he changed focus from a consulting role to a product development role, responsible for the user interface of a complex retail web application product. It was at this time he came across Ext.NET (or Coolite as it was known back then) and rapidly adopted it and introduced it into the company's product.

Anup can be found on the Ext.NET forums, and contacted via his blog,

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