Andy Dent

Andy Dent

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Andy Dent is a cross-platform developer from Perth, Western Australia, who started programming Macs with a 512 K Fat Mac in 1986. He has worked on mainframe, desktop, and mobile apps in Perth and remotely for US-based clients. The latter US work on retail products includes developing code generators for all the pre-OS X GUI C++ application-generation tools.

Andy’s background in ISAM filesystems and love of writing frameworks coalesced in creation of the OOFILE products, designed to make C++ programming as easy as xBase. These included an object-oriented data layer, forms integration, and report-writing. He created the expatpp lightweight parser framework to simplify writing XML parsers and capped a love of writing XML tooling with several years working on complex geospatial data interchange at Australia’s CSIRO. His search for a more flexible data store led him to LevelDB. He is currently working on a range of iOS apps for his own label and contract clients.

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