Andrey Volkov

Andrey Volkov

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Andrey Volkov pursued his education in information systems in the banking sector. He started his career as a financial analyst in a commercial bank. He joined the data warehouse team, and after a while, he led the team by taking up the position of a data warehouse architect. Andrey worked mainly with Oracle databases to develop logical and physical models of finance and accounting data, created them in a database, implemented procedures to load and process data, and performed analytical tasks. He was also responsible for teaching users how to use data warehouse and BI tools, and SQL training was a part of his job as well.

Currently, he works as a database developer in a telecommunication company. Here, Andrey works mainly with PostgreSQL databases and is responsible for data modeling, implementing business logic in the database, as well as developing database applications. He is also focused on implementing and maintaining a data warehouse and reporting system, and developing ETL processes for them.

Having worked with both Oracle and PostgreSQL—the former is a leading commercial and the latter is one of the most advanced open source RDBMS—he is able to compare them, and recognize and evaluate the key advantages of both. Furthermore, he is involved in all the phases of software development in and around databases and has experience as both a user and a developer of a database solutions. This makes him able and willing to work on this book.

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