Alessandro Franceschi

Alessandro Franceschi

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Alessandro Franceschi is a freelance Puppet and DevOps consultant. Surviving IT battlegrounds since 1995, he has worked as an entrepreneur, web developer, trainer, and system and network administrator.
He has been using Puppet since 2007, automating a remarkable amount of customers' infrastructures of different sizes, natures, and complexities.

He has attended several PuppetConf and Puppet Camps as a speaker and participant, always enjoying the vibrant and friendly community, learning something new each time.

During the following years, he started to publish his Puppet code, trying to make it reusable in different scenarios.

The result of this work is the Example42 Puppet modules set, a widely used collection of modules based on reusability principles and with some optional, opinionated twists to automate firewalling, monitoring, systems' inventory, and application deployments.

For more information on Example42 modules, visit His Twitter handle is @alvagante.

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