Aleksandar Seovic

Aleksandar Seovic

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Aleksandar Seovic is a founder and Managing Director at S4HC, Inc., where he has worked in the architect role on both .NET and Java projects and has led development effort on a number of engagements for Fortune 500 clients, mostly in the pharmaceutical and financial services industries.

Aleksandar led the implementation of Oracle Coherence for .NET, a client library that allows applications written in any .NET language to access data and services provided by Oracle Coherence data grid, and was one of the key people involved in the design and implementation of Portable Object Format (POF), a platform-independent object serialization format that allows seamless interoperability of Coherence-based Java, .NET, and C++ applications.

Aleksandar frequently speaks about and evangelizes Coherence at industry conferences, Java and .NET user group events, and Coherence SIGs. He can be reached at

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