Ahsanul Bari

Ahsanul Bari

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Ahsanul Bari is a web application developer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. After graduating from North South University with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, he has been involved in developing various web applications for local businesses. At a very early stage of his career he felt the need for tools and techniques to build structured and maintainable web applications. That is when he found out about CakePHP. It was love at first sight and he decided to use CakePHP for his future projects. He never had to look back, and from then on he has been heavily using CakePHP for all kinds of projects. Most notably, using CakePHP, he developed an ERP solution for companies involved in urban and land development.

Apart from that, he has also 'irregularly' contributed to the CakePHP Documentation Team. He is also an 'irregular' blogger (http://ahsanity.com and http://ahsanity.wordpress.com). Just when people start to think that he has given up blogging, he is known to write a post from nowhere! Among his friends and colleagues, he is known as a fanboy for CakePHP.

Currently he is working at Trippert Labs, where he has been involved in making a travel-based blogging system, http://www.trippert.com.

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