Aditya Patawari

Aditya Patawari

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Aditya Patawari is a Systems Engineer and DevOps practitioner. He runs a consulting company where he helps organizations with several systems engineering and DevOps tools like Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes. He is an expert in managing cloud-based infrastructure and helps companies evaluate their infrastructure against various parameters. He has contributed to various open source projects, including Fedora Project and Kubernetes.

He is an international speaker on various technical topics including Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Infrastructure Management, and Gap Analysis.

Books from Aditya Patawari

Getting Started with ownCloud Book Cover
Getting Started with ownCloud
$ 17.99
$ 5.00
Ansible 2 Cloud Automation Cookbook Book Cover
Ansible 2 Cloud Automation Cookbook
$ 27.99
$ 5.00