Adam D. Ruppe

Adam D. Ruppe

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Adam D. Ruppe is a professional software developer living in Watertown, New York. He started programming PCs in high school, writing assembly language, and later C and C++, using the Digital Mars compiler to build programs based on MS DOS on a hand-me-down computer. Programming in the DOS environment with the slow computer gave him early practical experience in low-level and effi cient code—skills he carries on developing today.

After finishing school, he started doing web programming—initially with PHP. While he'd make it work, he often found himself longing for the good old days. One day, he decided to check back with the vendor of his old compiler and discovered the D programming language (well before it reached 1.0!).

He was enamored with it and used it to write some games, and then started writing web libraries to use it for work too, to replace PHP. He found success in this endeavor in early 2009.

Combining his pioneering spirit with his blend of low-level and high-level programming experience, he was able to forge ahead with D, taking it to places many people didn't believe possible

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