Abhishek Sanghani

Abhishek Sanghani

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Abhishek Sanghani worked with Cognos 8.x and 10.x for 12 years and delivering countless reporting solutions, he is thoroughly excited to see Cognos 11.x taking a big leap in self-service authoring and dashboard reporting.

Currently he is leading a team of software developers in a large global financial services company, to deliver analytical applications with dashboards and self-service capabilities. Version 11.x being fairly recent, is testing it from all aspects to assess when and where to use it in the deliveries. He also has opportunities to try other products like QlikView, Tableau and Microstrategy. He believes such experiences with other products make one’s viewpoint wider, and understanding deeper.

The other technology that interests Abhishek is Microstrategy. He posses advanced skills in TM1, Oracle, Microstrategy, SQL Server, SSAS.

He also has a book written on IBM Cognos 8 Report Studio, followed by a video course for Cognos 10 Report Studio Fundamentals. Both have been very fulfilling experiences. He believes this could be a natural and organic update of those Report Studio works. Note that in this course focuses the brand new Dashboarding tool.

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