Aamir Lakhani

Aamir Lakhani

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Aamir Lakhani is a leading cyber security architect, senior strategist, and researcher. He is responsible for providing IT security solutions to major commercial and federal enterprise organizations. Lakhani leads projects that implement security postures for Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, major healthcare providers, educational institutions, and financial and media organizations. Lakhani has designed offensive counter-defense measures, and has assisted organizations in defending themselves from active strike-back attacks perpetrated by underground cyber groups. Lakhani is considered an industry leader in support of detailed architectural engagements and projects on topics related to cyber defense, mobile application threats, malware, advanced persistent threat (APT) research, and Dark Security. Lakhani is the author and contributor of several books that include Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux and XenMobile MDM, both by Packt Publishing, and he has appeared on National Public Radio as an expert on cyber security.

Lakhani runs the blog DrChaos.com, which was ranked as a leading source for cyber security by FedTech Magazine. He has been named one of the top personalities to follow on social media, ranked highly as leader in his field, and he continues to dedicate his career to cyber security, research, and education.

Books from Aamir Lakhani

Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux Book Cover
Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux
$ 29.99
$ 10.00
Instant XenMobile MDM Book Cover
Instant XenMobile MDM
$ 19.99
$ 10.00
Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi Book Cover
Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi
$ 17.99
$ 9.00