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Java EE 6 Development with NetBeans 7

David R. Heffelfinger

Published 2011-06-17


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- 7 submitted: last submission 20 Jan 2017

Errata type: Typo | Page numbers: 94

The groups our user belongs to must match one of the group names we used in the application's sun-web.xml deployment descriptor.
Should be :
The groups our user belongs to must match one of the group names we used in the application's glassfish-web.xml deployment descriptor


Errata type: Others | Page number: 157 | Errata date: 8 Aug 2012

In the custom validator illustrated example code there is a error in the book: public void validate(FacesContext facesContext, UIComponent uIComponent, Object value) t <-- SHOULD BE THROWS ValidatorException { .....


Errata type: Others | Occurence: .zip file at Chapter 4 > jsfapp > src/java/com/ensode/jsf/validators > | Errata date: 2-11-2012

The annotation @FacesValidator("emailValidator") preliminary to the class signature is missing (it's described correctly in the book though)


Errata type: Others | Page number: 27 | Errata date:29-11-2012

First of all you need to go inside the directory where hsqldb is installed;for example, C:\hsqldb-2.0.0\hsqldb\bin
When you are inside, double-click on runServer.bat to start the hsqldb server. When the server is running now, you can follow the procedure on page 27
Connect using, username
now you are able to set up jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:9001 inside the JDBC URL input form.





Errata type: Others | Page number: 164 | Errata date: 18-1-2013

On page 164 the URL(uniform resource locator)shown on the image inside the browser address bar is not: http://localhost:8080/faceletstemplating/faces/page1.xhtml ; but it would be: http://localhost:8080/faceletstemplating/faces/template.xhtml . Therefore the URL: http://localhost:8080/faceletstemplating/faces/page1.xhtml would be the URL of the image at the page:166


Errata type: Code | Page number: 102 | Errata date: 18 Dec 08


If you see an error similar to:

"${param.displayConditionalText == 'true'} contains invalid expression(s):
javax.el.ELException: Unable to find ExpressionFactory of type:

while excuting the following line of code:

<c:if test="${param.displayConditionalText == 'true'}" var="textDisplayed" scope="session">

and entering the URL as: http://localhost:8080/jstlif/index.jsp?displayConditionalText=='true' Please not that this URL is incorrect; it has an extra "=" next to "displayConditionalText") The correct URL is: http://localhost:8080/jstlif/index.jsp?displayConditionalText=true



Errata type: Code| Page number: 18 | Errata date: 25-4-2013


<jsp:useBean id="surveyData" scope="request"
        class="com.ensode.nbbook.model.SurveyData" />
with scope="session" seems to work