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Mastering Qt 5

Guillaume Lazar

Published 2016-12-15


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- 7 submitted: last submission 05 Jul 2018

Errata Type: Typo | Page No. 63


macro to allow CPUWidget to respond to

Should be:

macro to allow CpuWidget to respond to


Update on Qt charts:
You must add the charts module on your file:
QT += core gui charts:

Qt Charts was previously a commercial-only Qt module. Since Qt 5.7, the module is now included in Qt on GPLv3 license for open source users. If you are stuck on Qt 5.6, you can build the module by yourself from sources. More information can be found at

You must add the charts module on your file:
QT += core gui charts

The aim now is to create two Qt widgets, CpuWidget and MemoryWidget, to display nice Qt charts of the CPU and the memory used.

Errata:Typo | Page:50
Finish and, voilà , the Task class is ready to be filled.
Should be:
Finish and, voilà, the Task class is ready to be filled.

Errata Type: Typo | Chapter 1 | Page 20
Since we now use qDebug() in out slot, we must include <QDebug>.

Should be:
Since we now use qDebug() in our slot, we must include <QDebug>.

Errata Type: Technical|Page Number: 63

 It is:

 #include pieSeries>

Should be:

 #include PieSeries>

Errata Type: Technical|Page Number: 137

“The fucntion AlbumWigget::setPictureModel should take ThumnailProxyModel* 
arguemnt. But this function take PictureModel* argument in this page !

Errata Type: Code | Page: 435

It is:

#include "testjsonserializer"

It should be:

#include "testjsonserializer.moc"