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Unity 5.x Shaders and Effects Cookbook

Alan Zucconi

Published 2016-02-26


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- 6 submitted: last submission 07 Sep 2017

The correct screenshot after completing all the steps, in How to do it… section of Adding properties to a shader recipe of Chapter 1 can be downloaded from the following link:

Errata Type: Code | Page 33 ad 34

For the properties _ScrollXSpeed and _ScrollYSpeed, Assume they are in units per second, but when we calculate the xScrollValue and the yScrollValue, we multiply them by _Time (Or _Time.x).

In Unity's docs however, _Time.x = t/20, while _Time.y = t.
To have a correct speed per second, we should write :
fixed xScrollValue = _ScrollXSpeed * _Time.y;
fixed yScrollValue = _ScrollYSpeed * _Time.y;

Errata type: Code l Page no: 123

This:vertInput very(vertexInput v)

Should be: vertOutput vert(vertInput v)

Errata Type: Typo | Chapter 2 | Page 45

It is: the name of the surface output structure should be changed accordingly to SurfaeOutput instead of SurfaceOutputStandard:

Should be: the name of the surface output structure should be changed accordingly to SurfaceOutput instead of SurfaceOutputStandard:

Errata type: Code l Page no: 32

This: _ScrollXSpeed ("X Scroll Speed", "Range(0,10)) = 2
_ScrollYSpeed ("Y Scroll Speed", "Range(0,10)) = 2

Should be: _ScrollXSpeed ("X Scroll Speed", Range(0,10)) = 2
_ScrollYSpeed ("Y Scroll Speed", Range(0,10)) = 2

Errata type: Technical l Page no: 44

This: we should disable any lighting with nolighting

#pragma surface surf Lambert alpha:fade nolighting

Should be: we should disable any lighting with nolightmap

#pragma surface surf Lambert alpha:fade nolightmap