Start Ad Serving with OpenX- A Sequel

Time for action – adding a zone to the website

In this section, we will add a zone to the website.

  1. Click on Add new zone link on websites screen near our newly defined website name. Note that your website name differs from this sample.


  2. We only need to fill in the Name field and choose the Size that is exactly the size of the banner we have provided before. As our banner size is 728x90, we do the same for zone size. The fi elds highlighted with a red rectangular border in the following screenshot show these fields:


  3. Click Save Changes button to complete adding a zone for the website.

What just happened

We have learned how to add a zone for the newly added website definition. We defined a name for the zone and a size, which is the same size as the previously uploaded banner

Time for action – linking the Amazon banner to the zone

In this section, we will link the banner to the newly created zone

  1. Click on the Linked Banners link near our zone definition.


  2. Select Link individual banners option.


  3. Let's browse until we find our banner and let's choose it.


  4. Click the small arrow near the banner name.


    Now, we have completed linking the banner to our zone.

What just happened

We have learned how to link a banner to a website zone. We chose Link individual banners option, then browsed advertisers, campaign, and banners lists until we find and choose our banner from the list. Note that banner and zone sizes have to match in order to list the available banners in the linking screen.

Time for action – serving the banner on the website

In this section, we will serve the Puzzles Games for Kids banner from the Toys & Games campaign of Amazon advertiser in a zone defined on a web page at our website.

  1. Click on the Invocation Code link on Zone Properties page.


  2. Now, we are on the invocation code settings page. Notice that the Javascript Tag option and invocation Bannercode is automatically selected. If not, select Javascript Tag first and apply Select All on the code text. Right-click on the code and select Copy.


  3. It is now time to create or open a sample HTML file. We will need to paste this code on the section where we want the advertisements to appear. In this example, we opened sample.htm and pasted the code after the second paragraph of the HTML file.


  4. The next step is to upload the file to our web server. We can use an FTP client, such as Core FTP.


  5. Let's check now how our page looks on the webserver by browsing to that your website is diff erent from the sample and you should browse to your own website.


  6. Wait for around 10 minutes, if you don't see the advertisement served there immediately. Then refresh again. Finally, the advertisement should appear there.

What just happened

We first saw how to copy and paste zone invocation code to a sample HTML file. We then uploaded this file to our website using a free FTP client named as Core FTP. We browsed to this page and have seen that our banner is there and being served. We have successfully completed serving our first advertisement on a web page using the fastest way possible.

Pop quiz – understanding the basics

Which of the following statements are true?

  1. We can't serve advertisements on our website without adding a zone activation code.
  2. Image banner sizes and zone sizes don't have to be same.

Have a go hero – serving your own campaign banner

Now, it is your turn to test what you have learned so far.

  • Think about another advertisement scenario and serve a banner on your website, but use a new zone and a new HTML file
  • Try to achieve the whole process on your own by not looking at the steps
  • If difficulties occur, re-read this article.


In this article, we have gained a fundamental knowledge about how OpenX Ad Server works basically. We followed the fastest possible way to start serving an advertisement without entering the details of advertiser, campaign, and website settings.

In this article we have discussed how to:

  • Define an advertiser
  • Create a campaign and banner
  • Define a website and zone on this website
  • Link the banner to this zone
  • Serve this banner on this website zone by using a web page

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