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PrimeFaces comes with a set of features that enables JSF developers to deliver a stunning user experience on the Web. PrimeFaces takes JSF application development to the next level, with more than 150 Ajax-based User-Interface (UI) components, jQuery-integration, a mobile UI Kit, theme support, Ajax Push technology, and widgets. PrimeFaces is lightweight and requires no XML configuration. With its large, active and vibrant community, PrimeFaces is a major library for JSF application development projects.

PrimeFaces: A Pragmatic way of programming

PrimeUI, a JavaScript library based on jQueryUI, leverages the latest HTML5 and CSS3 features to build rich UI widgets. With the advent of smart phones and widgets, applications must function well on all sorts of devices. PrimeFaces Mobile, powered by jQuery Mobile and PrimeFaces extensions, enables you to build responsive and highly interactive user interfaces for the mobile applications. PrimeFaces incorporates the PrimePush methodology for real-time asynchronous applications through which you can use transports such as Long Polling, WebSockets, and Server Side Events. PrimeFaces components are developed with theming support using the Theme Roller CSS framework and it incorporates the capability of creating custom themes using the Theme Roller online tool in addition to integrating them with PrimeFaces. Due to its wide array of components and widgets, it ensures high performance by easy integration and implementation of high fidelity UI features. Primefaces released its latest version, 4.0, with an excellent roster of new features such as JSF 2.2 support, client-side validation framework (implementing JSF validations on the client side in conjunction with HTML), advanced search expressions to locate components, enhanced component features, and much more. PrimePush has further been enhanced with latest developments enabling the ability to detect events such as client disconnections or network outages, using Heartbeat to prevent closing Long Polling or WebSockets connections due to proxy or firewall, and the latest updates to Atmosphere (a cross-browser asynchronous framework for real-time applications on the Java Virtual Machine).

Open-source to Enterprise

PrimeFaces Pro is a commercial support service which offers exclusive features such as quick response, defect patches, customized builds, troubleshooting (using a Remote Desktop connection), conferencing, custom features, and advanced functionality for existing components. The Pro version incorporates the best practices and high coding standards, making it a complete package for your development projects. It also includes support for the PrimePush methods (in collaboration with Atmosphere) at a premium.

Also, PrimeFaces Extensions, a community-driven project, consists of components that are not available in the core project or any JSF UI library. These extensions add vital functionality to PrimeFaces such as extending existing features, converters, utilities such as Maven plug-ins and much more.

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