Packt celebrates Python in December with exclusive book offer

December 2010

Python is a dynamic programming language, used in a wide range of domains by programmers who find it simple, yet powerful. From the earliest version 15 years ago to the current one, it has constantly evolved with productivity and code readability in mind.

While the new Python 2.6 Graphics Cookbook, written by Mike Ohlson de Fine, provides over 100 great recipes for creating and animating graphics using Python, the Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook, by Jacob Perkins, enables developers to use the Python's NLTK suite of libraries to maximize their Natural Language Processing capabilities.

“Python remains one of the topics Packt is committed to publishing books on, and as it continues to grow, more interesting Python related topic areas emerge. The set of Python books we’ve recently published shows our continued commitment to Python, and Packt will continue to serve the Python community of users going forward”, said Packt Open Source publisher Doug Paterson.

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