Open Source Project Royalty Scheme

March 2011

Open Source Project Royalty Scheme

Packt believes in Open Source and helping to sustain and support its unique projects and communities. Therefore, when we sell a book written on an Open Source project, we pay a royalty directly to that project. As a result of purchasing one of our Open Source books, Packt will have given some of the money received to the Open Source project.

In the long term, we see ourselves and yourselves, as customers and readers of our books, as part of the Open Source ecosystem, providing sustainable revenue for the projects we publish on. Our aim at Packt is to establish publishing royalties as an essential part of the service and support business model that sustains Open Source.


Some of the things people have said about the Open Source Project Royalty Scheme:

“Moodle is grateful for the royalty donations that Packt have volunteered to send us as part of their Open Source Project Royalty Scheme. The money donated helps us fund a developer for a few months a year and thus contributes directly towards Moodle core development, support and improvements in the future.” 

- Martin Dougiamas, founder of acclaimed Open-Source e-learning software, Moodle.

“Most of the money that we've used, donated from Packt has gone towards running jQuery conferences for the community and bringing together the jQuery team to do development work together. The financial contributions have been very valuable and in that regard, have resulted in a team that's able to operate much more efficiently and effectively.” 

- John Resig, the founder of the popular JavaScript library, jQuery

"The Drupal project and its community have grown sharply over the last couple of years. The support that Packt has shown, through its book royalties and awards, has contributed to that success and helped the project handle its growth. The Drupal Association uses the money that Packt donates on a number of things including, server infrastructure and the organization of events."

-Dries Buytaert, founder of renowned Content Management System, Drupal

To read up on the projects that are supported by the Packt Open Source Project Royalty Scheme, click the appropriate categories below:

All Open Source Projects

Content Management System (CMS)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



Networking and Telephony

Web Development

Web Graphics and Video

Are you part of an Open Source project that Packt has published a book on? Packt believes in Open Source and your project may be able to receive support through the Open Source Project Royalty Scheme. Simply contact Packt:

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