New Courses for November 2016


November 15th, 2016

We’ve seen some great new content released last month in Mapt. Whatever field you’re working in and whatever skills you need to develop, we’re confident you’ll find something useful in our batch of October releases.

Data Science

We’ve got an exciting range of data science content. If you’re interested in Spark we’d highly recommend checking out Apache Spark 2 for Beginners and Fast Data Processing with Spark 2. We also know just how popular Python is with anyone working with data – our Python Machine Learning Solutions video course provides an engaging, immediate and visual way to put your analytics skills into practice for a huge range of problems.

More new data science releases:

Front end web development

We’ve got a short and sweet range of front end development courses in Mapt. Our pick is Learning ReactJS but if you want to become a front end developer that is flexible and adaptable, capable of working with a diverse set of tools, any of these will be valuable…

More new front end development courses…

Full stack development

When it comes to full stack development, there's plenty of exciting new courses. We think ASP.NET Core and Angular 2 will be particularly interesting - it offers a unique look at how to combine both tools in a way that will be valuable for developers used to working with a range of different stacks.

More new full stack development courses...

Game and Mobile Development

There's two key courses that we think will be particularly popular:Learning AWS Lumberyard Game Development and Building an RPG with Unity 5.x. Take a look for yourself now.

More new game and mobile development courses...


For you programmers, we want to divert your attention towards two courses. Go Programming Blueprints, practical programming projects that will demonstrate Go's impressive capabilities and Mastering Python, Second Edition, an updated video course that provides an in depth and expert look at how you can push your Python programming skills forward.

More new programming courses...

System Administration

There's a great selection of titles available for anyone dealing with systems and infrastructures. But there's one product that we think might make a particularly big impact on how developers work. It's DevOps for Web Development. We urge you to check it out!

More new system administration courses...