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Bluetooth Low-Energy with the Blend Micro

In this post we learn about the Blend Micro from RedBearLab, an Arduino-compatible development board that includes a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) module for connecting with phones and computers.

How to create a simple First Person Puzzle Game

So you want to make a first person puzzle game, but you're not sure where to start? Well, this article can give you a heads-up on how to start and create a game.

Text Mining with R: Part 2

In this two part post we demonstrate R’s ease, flexibility, and power we will look at how to use R to look at a collection of tweets from the 2014 super bowl, clear up data via R, turn that data it a document matrix so we can analyze the data, then create a “word cloud” so we can visualize our analysis to look for interesting words.

Introduction to Sklearn

This is an introductory post on scikit-learn where we will learn basic terminology and functionality of this amazing Python package. We will also explore basic principles of machine learning and how machine learning can be done with sklearn.

Evenly Spaced Views with Auto Layout in iOS

Let's walk through how to evenly space views with Auto Layout using Xcode's Interface Builder.

The best Angular yet - New Features in AngularJS 1.3

In this article, we will cover the new features and performance improvements that make AngularJS even more awesome.

The Year that was: 2014 in Game Development

Looking back on 2014 on the category of Game Development

Hacking toys with IFTTT and Spark

This post looks at one example of how we can Internet-enable a simple LED lantern toy using a wireless Spark Core device and the powerful IFTTT service.

Performing hand-written digit recognition with GoLearn

Alex Browne walks you through how to do basic recognition of hand-written digits using GoLearn

Encryption in the Cloud: An Overview

In this post we will look at how to secure your AWS solution data using encryption. We will also look at some of various services from AWS and other third party vendors that will help you not only encrypt your data, but take care of more problematic issues such as managing keys

Make the Most of Your Data with Syncfusion

Use your business data to your advantage with the help of Syncfusion’s new data science offerings. Discover how a custom big data solution can provide your company with valuable predictions about key market trends.

Making Games with Pixi.js

In this post we will introduce you to pixi.js, a super-fast rending engine that is also a swiss-army-knife tool with a friendly API.

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