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RxSwift Part 2: Querying Subjects

This article discusses what the right amount of querying is when using RxSwift.

Security in 2017: What’s new and what’s not

This blog post discusses securing web sites and apps from the perspective of the open source developer, and focuses on the tools that can be used to secure Node.js.

React Native Performance

In this article, we talk about React Native's performance. This blog post is aimed at those people who want to learn more about React Native, but it might be a bit too complex for beginners.

The Go Web Server

The Go language can be used for web applications as well as desktop applications. This blog explores such an application.

Human Motion Capture using Gated Recurrent Neural Networks

We introduce Gated Recurrent Neural Networks, train it on the MIT motion database, and show that it is capable of capturing complexities of human body motions. Then we demonstrate that we are able to generate sequences of motions by predicting the next immediate data point given all previous data points.

GoMobile: GoLang’s Foray into the Mobile World

This blog will look at GoMobile, GoLang's mobile app solution.

How to Setup PostgreSQL with Node.js

Have you ever wanted to add a PostgreSQL database to the backend of your web application? If so, by the end of this tutorial you should have a PostgreSQL database up and running with your Node.js web application.

Create Your First Augmented Reality Experience Using the Programming Language You Already Know

This post gives a short summary of the different ways

Basic Routing with Express.js

Want an easy way to have a few routes in your Node.js web application? If you answered yes, you should understand how to do exactly that by the end of this post.

Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

In this blog post, we begin with a simple classification task that the reader can readily relate to. The task is a binary classification of 25000 images of cats and dogs, divided into 20000 training, 2500 validation, and 2500 testing images.

Create Your First Augmented Reality Experience: The Tools and Terms You Need to Understand

This post gives a short summary of the different methods and tools used to create AR experiences with today’s technology. We also outline advantages and drawbacks of specific solutions.

Shift to Swift in 2017

Find out why developers are diving into Swift in 2017

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