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Will Oracle become a key cloud player, and what will it mean to development & architecture community?

If Orcale does become a key cloud player, what will this mean for the development and architecture community?

Why is triple-A game development unsustainable?

What makes triple-A game development unsustainable? Let's take a look.

What makes programming languages simple or complex?

Have you been itching to learn a new programming language? Maybe you want to learn your first programming language and don't know what to choose. When learning a new language (especially your first language) you want to minimize the amount of unknowns that you will have.

Why containers are driving DevOps?

Let's talk a bit about the present state of DevOps, and how containers are driving the scene.

How should web developers learn machine learning?

Do you have the motivation to learn machine learning? Given its relevance in today's landscape, you should be motivated to learn about this field. But if you're a web developer, how do you go about learning it? In this article, we show you how.

When to buy off-the-shelf software and when to build it yourself

There will always be a two-road situation where you will be put in a position to pick one — whether to develop the software by yourselves or buy it. Learn the pros and cons.

What are the best programming languages for building APIs?

Whether you are looking for a change in language, or whether you are designing your first web application, find out which programming language is best suited to you!

What can the tech industry learn from the Maker community?

It's a community born from how accessible technology nowadays is, so what can the tech industry learn from the Maker community?

How DevOps can improve software security

There are many security risks when working in the tech industry but DevOps can improve these risks. Find out how.

Essential skills for penetration testing

So you want to be a pen-tester? Well, is a perfect guide of what you need to know to get you started.

What is transfer learning?

Transfer learning: what is it, and which strategy will best suit you?

What is Keras?

Keras is a high-level library for deep learning - if you haven't already been exploring it, find out why you definitely should be.

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