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Building and Running 12 Factor Microservices on Docker (Part 2)

This part 2 continues with the remaining seven factors, demonstrating how this design allows easier integration with cloud-native containerization technologies like Docker and Deis.

Building and Running 12 Factor Microservices on Docker (Part 1)

This part 1 walks through the first five factors of the microservices and reworks a simple python webapp with them in mind, covering application design, how this design approach interfaces with some of the more popular Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers, and demonstrates how to run such microservices on the Deis PaaS.

Disruption for the Rest of Us

Survey to discover what the most desired skills in the IT industry today

Using a REST API with Unity Part 1

Using Unity learn how to download bundle assets through your own server, which allows your game to connect to a server and download the most recent versions of bundle assets.

A Brief Interview with Lorenzo Bettini

The author of Implementing Domain-Specific Languages with Xtext and Xtend answers our questions

Kubernetes: Hands On

A walkthrough deploying a pod, service and replicationController with 2 co-located containers ivia Kubernetes.

Application Flow With Generators

This article explores implementing a graph of business logic using generators and promises to control application flow

An Interview with Heather Mahalik

The author of Practical Mobile Forensics answers our questions

Help us to help you with our Skill Up survey

The blog will provide you an information of IT positions commanding the greatest salaries

NoSQL databases - a quick cheat-sheet

This post covers the many advantages of using NoSQL databases

K-Means Clustering

One of the most common clustering method is K-Means, which is a simple iterative method to partition the data into K - clusters.

Learning with Minecraft Mods

Aaron details the ins and outs of modding in Minecraft.

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