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Angular 2 Dependency Injection: A powerful design pattern

Angular 2 introduces a new dependency injection system. The new dependency injection system allows for more control to maintain your code, to test it more easily, and to rely on interfaces. The new dependency injection system is built into Angular 2 and only has one API for injection dependency injection into components.

Data scientists, data analysts - Packt needs your help!

Data science has changed a lot in the past decade - take Packt's 2016 survey to help us learn more about our data-driven landscape today.

7 Tips For Python Performance

When you begin using Python after using other languages, it's easy to bring a lot of idioms with you. Though they may work, they are not the best, most beautiful or fastest way to get things done with Python: they're not pythonic. I've put together some tips on basic things that can provide big performance improvements, and I hope they'll serve as a starting point for you as you develop with Python.

ECMAScript 7 - What to expect?

Now that ES6 has been officially accepted, it’s time to look forward to the next iteration of JavaScript, which is ECMAScript 7. There are many new and exciting features in ES7.

Our Skill Up Survey Returns

Our Skill Up survey returns, and we want you to help make it even better than last year!

Getting Started with TensorFlow: an API Primer

While this post isn't going to be a proper tutorial, my hope is that focusing on the core components and workflows of the TensorFlow API will make working with other resources more accessible and comprehensible.

Node 6: What to Expect

There is some maturation of the platform in both codebase and deprecations as well as outright removals. If you live on the bleeding edge like I do, you’ll hop on over to Node 6 as soon as it drops in April, but there’s little incentive to make the leap for those taking a more conservative approach to Node development.

How can cybersecurity keep up with the rapid pace of technological change?

Security demands stability. But how can we manage to secure our systems and devices in a world of innovation and change?

Unity 5.3: What You Need to Know

If you're a game developer, there's a big chance you're using Unity as your game engine of choice. Unity, and game development itself, has grown quite complex since its first inception, so it's getting hard to keep track of what features are included in a game engine and which ones are not. So let me try to help you with that and see what the latest version of Unity, version 5.3, has in store for you.

How to use SQLite with Ionic to store data?

Hybrid Mobile apps have a challenging task of being as performant as native apps, but I always tell other developers that it is not the technology but how we code. The Ionic Framework is a popular hybrid app development library, which uses optimal design patterns to create awe-inspiring mobile experiences.

Cyber Security and the Internet of Things

More of our world is being connect to the web every day, but what does that mean for our security?

The Risk of Wearables - How Secure is Your Smartwatch

Wearables - the new frontier of development, the new risk to your data security

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