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5 Amazing Packages for Working Better with R

This Blog has 5 Amazing Packages for Working Better with R

Fake Swift Enums and User-Friendly Frameworks

In this post you learn how with Swift any class or struct, having a static member of Self type can mimic an enum.

How Game Development Giants are Leading the VR Revolution

Learn about the major VR companies that are shaping the user experience for virtual reality games and experiences.

Modern Natural Language Processing – Part 1

This three part blog post series covers the basics of language modeling. The goal of language modeling is to capture the variability in observed linguistic data. In the simplest form, this is a matter of predicting the next word given all previous words. We will adopt this simple viewpoint to make explaining the basics of language modeling experiments clearer.

Build a Universal JavaScript App, Part 1

In this two part post series, we will walk through how to write a universal (or isomorphic) JavaScript app

Deep Learning and Image generation: Get Started with Generative Adversarial Networks

Using an example you will learn how to use a deep neural generative model to disentangle different factors of variation in data and to be able to generate new or similar looking samples of the data.

How to Add Frameworks to iOS Applications with Carthage

In this post you learn how to create a custom framework for creating shared code between your Apps, along with the creation of a GitHub repository to share your open source framework with the community of developers.

Reactive Python – Cross-language RPC conversation

In this post you learn how to build a cross-platform application exposing real-time model fitting and business prediction as a RESTFul service using reactive Python.

How to Denoise Images with Neural Networks

The premise of denoising images is very useful and can be applied to images, sounds, texts, and more. While deep learning is possibly not the best approach, it is an interesting one, and shows how versatile deep learning can be.

How to add Unit Tests to a Sails Framework Application

In this post you are going to perform unit testing with Sails, taking advantage of Mocha, Chai and Instanbul.

Language Modeling with Deep Learning

Learn how to use the Blocks library with a deep learning example.

String management in Swift

Use Swift string management to translate in multiple languages.

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