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Ryba Part 1: Multi-Tenant Hadoop deployment

Ryba boostraps and manages a full secured Hadoop cluster with one command. In this post you will learn about Ryba and its goals, as well as how to install it for use.

Improve mobile rank by reducing file size, Part 1

How does file size directly affect your rank on mobile app stores? Tobiah Marks explains why in the first part of this two part series.

Improve mobile rank by reducing file size, Part 2

What can you do to reduce your game’s file size? In part two of this series Tobiah Marks will offer some advice.

Isolated MediaWiki Setup on the Raspberry Pi using Docker, Part 1

This blog series shows you how to use Docker on the favorite Raspberry Pi distribution, Raspbian, to get MediaWiki ( set up and running.

Building Mobile Games with Crafty.js and PhoneGap - Part 2

Blog will help to build mobile games with Crafty.js and PhoneGap.

Integrating Quick and the Benefits of Behavior Driven Development (Part 1)

In the first part of this series on Quick, the Behaviour-Driven Development methodologies are introduced. Readers examine the staggering redundancy and confusing syntax of the standard testing frameworks available on iOS.

Testing with Unity

Two testing levels that are often left out are Unit and Integration Testing. We're going to focus on Unit testing, as that's frequently the first step of Automated testing.

Frontend SOA: Taming the beast of frontend web development

We explore the ecosystem of frontend web development, current and future, and come up with an approach that can survive the constant churn in libraries & frameworks

NodeJS: Building a Maintainable Codebase

This post explores the pitfalls that a team can run across when working with NodeJS and its community of modules. It addresses some problems with nested anonymous functions and pleads that developers research modules before utilizing them.

Brakeman: Scanning a Rails App for Security Vulnerabilities

This post explores the Brakeman gem and shows how to run tests against a Rails app. Through an example application, readers identify and learn from known security issues.

Using your smart watch to control networked LEDs

In this post I’ll use JavaScript to show you how easy it is to build a Pebble watch application that can interact with an external service.

Bluetooth Low-Energy with the Blend Micro

In this post we learn about the Blend Micro from RedBearLab, an Arduino-compatible development board that includes a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) module for connecting with phones and computers.

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