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Reactive Python – Cross-language RPC conversation

In this post you learn how to build a cross-platform application exposing real-time model fitting and business prediction as a RESTFul service using reactive Python.

Denoising Images With Neural Networks

The premise of denoising images is very useful and can be applied to images, sounds, texts, and more. While deep learning is possibly not the best approach, it is an interesting one, and shows how versatile deep learning can be.

How to add Unit Tests to a Sails Framework Application

In this post you are going to perform unit testing with Sails, taking advantage of Mocha, Chai and Instanbul.

Language modeling using Deep Learning – a practical guide using the Blocks library

Learn how to use the Blocks library with a deep learning example.

String management, the Swifty way

Use Swift string management to translate in multiple languages.

Build and Deploy a Node App with Docker

In this post, we will mostly focus on the tools gap, and how to bridge that gap in a Node application with Docker.

How to construct your own network models on Chainer

This post introduces you to how to construct your own network model on Chainer.

My Experience with KeystoneJS

In this post you learn about the advantage of using KeyStoneJS and the community that helped the author become a committer for that community.

Creating a Slack Progress Bar

In this post you are going to learn how to use Python to create a custom progress bar that will run in your very own Slack channel.

Computer Vision with Keras, Part 2

In this post you achieve performance close to human level performance using Keras. You also improved the accuracy of the model using an augmentation of the training data.

Intro to the Swift REPL and Playgrounds

Learn how Swift's playgrounds embody that friendliness by modernizing the concept of a REPL

DrupalCon 2016 – Packt is a proud Media Partner

DrupalCon is coming to Dublin – and we’re proud to be Media Partner for the event.

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