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Pebble Watch Development with Pebble.js

Pebble is a smartwatch that pairs with both Android and iPhone devices via Bluetooth. From the beginning Pebble team embraced the Developer community which resulted in powerful SDK. Although a primary language for apps development is C, there is a room for JavaScript developers as well, and this post will show you how to use JavaScript.

The OpenStack guide that helps train CERN’s staff

Discover the book that even CERN staff use in their day-to-day lives!

Application Flow With Generators

If you're looking to fall back to using events to enforce the concept of a workflow, discover what Generators can do for you to help your applications business logic

Real-time Communication with SocketIO

In this blog post we will create a small game and explore how to create a simple server that will allow real-time communication between players. The game we are going to create is an interpretation of the playground game Tag. One player is it and needs to tag other players by moving around her circle and touching other players circle, and we will use Node.js.

Is OpenStack a ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’ Cloud Solution?

OpenStack's cloud computing solution has a wealth of features and impressive functionality. But does this make it a risky, more challenging proposition for users?

Writing a 3D space rail shooter in Three.js, Part 2

In the course of this 3 part article series, you will learn how to write a simple 3D space shooter game with Three.js. In this Part 2, we will add the spaceship and the asteroids for our game.

Writing a 3D space rail shooter in Three.js, Part 1

In the course of this 3 part article series, you will learn how to write a simple 3D space shooter game with Three.js. In this first part you will get all of the tools installed to get started.

Learning RethinkDB

RethinkDB is a relatively new, fully open-source NoSQL database, featuring: ridiculously easy sharding, replicating, & database management, table joins (that’s right!), geospatial & time-series support, and real-time monitoring of complicated queries. Follow along to learn more.

An introduction to using Node.js and Hadoop to store distributed data

I am going to give you an overview of how to establish connections to HDFS storage (namenode) and how to perform basic operations on the data. As you can probably guess, I'm using Node.js to build these examples.

Keep Coding Creative! - Some Thoughts on National Coding Week

21st September marked the start of National Coding Week in the UK. What should seasoned programmers make of it?

Introduction to React Native

React Native project was introduced during the first React conference in January 2015. It allows you to build native mobile applications using the same concepts from React. In this post I am going to explain the main building blocks of React Native through the example of an iOS demo application.

Modular Gulp Tasks

The use of task runners is a fairly recent addition to the Front-End developers toolbox. If you are even using a solution like Gulp you are already ahead of the game. CSS compiling, JavaScript linting, Image optimization, there is very little these tools can't do. However, once you start leveraging a task runner to enhance your workflow your Gulp file can quickly get out of control

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