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Visit a 3D printing filament factory -

Learn about 3D filament manufacturing happening at, including a large variety of filament colors and also biodegradable filament.

A Brief Introduction to Docker

Most resources on Docker are either too technical, or are lacking in the intuition behind why Docker is amazing. This post hopes to find a balance between the two.

How to Write Your First Fabfile

In this post you will learn about Fabric, a Python library that makes it easy to run scripts over SSH.

Designing an API from Scratch

This article shows how to develop an API for a courier service–addressing the needs of the business, how they translate into data relationships & schema, and how they could/should be translated into consumable REST end-points.

Ryba Part 2: Multi-Tenant Hadoop deployment

In this post you learn you learn why Ryba was written, how it is multi-tenancy addressed, and how it targets the user.

Guide to Better Typography on the Web

Despite living in a world dominated by streaming video and visual social networks, the web is still primarily a place for reading. This means there is a tremendous amount of value in having solid, readable typography on your site. With the advances in CSS over the past few years, we are finally able to tackle a variety of typographical issues that print has long solved. In addition, we are also able to address a lot of challenges that are unique to the web.

Build a remote control car with Zigbee

Use a Zigbee point-to-point network to create your very own remote controlled car!

Using Ionic Framework's $ionicLoading for Displaying Images and Messages

In this post we will learn how to use Ionic's loading overlay in combination with its gestures to build an alternative modal to the popup, which is more flexible in its design.

Get 50% off the print copy of your favorite eBook

Find out how to upgrade to print with a 50% discount.

The Real Tech Knowledge Gap - Your Boss

Technology is transforming industry in truly radical ways - but do business leaders really understand how to harness innovation effectively?

No Patch for Human Stupidity - Three Social Engineering Techniques You Might Not Know About

Are you safe from some of the most subtle social engineering attacks? Find out about the dangers of human stupidity to your network security, and discover the details of rogue access points, honeypots, and road apple social engineering techniques.

Benchmarking and Optimizing Go Code, Part 2

In Part 2 of this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn the basics of how to benchmark and optmize go code.

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