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What Pokémon Go and Augmented Reality Mean For the Future of Building Apps

Pokémon is a storm - what does it mean for the future of app dev?

Virtual Reality for Developers: Cardboard, Gear VR, Rift, and Vive

Right now is a very exciting time in the virtual reality space! We’ve already seen what the mobile VR platforms have to offer with Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. This blog post explores the VR landscape.

Say hello to a new Packt – and a brand new product!

With a new look and a new learning platform, Packt has evolved to adapt to the needs of modern software developers

Exploring R packages

In any given discipline, from business to academia, there is a need for data analysis. Amongst the most popular tools to analyse data sets is R, a programming language that allows users to easily perform statistical analyses and create data visualizations. This article shares the best tools to manipulate datasets in R such that they're easy to analyse.

Packt Launches Mapt, The Developers’ Online Learning Platform

Software skills provider launches brand new platform for developers

Packt’s Software Developer Survey Captures New Technology Trends

Skill Up 2016 Report Reveals Global IT Salaries, Emerging Software & Most In-Demand Tech Skills

Employee or Freelance? What Skill Up 2016 reveals you should do

We dive into the data of Skill Up 2016 to find out whether freelancers or employees earn more

Getting Started with Packages in R

Joel Carlson is a recent MSc graduate from Seoul National University, and current Data Science Fellow at Galvanize in San Francisco. He has contributed two R packages to CRAN (radiomics and RImagePalette). Learn more, or get in contact at his personal website:

Building a Line Chart with ggplot2

In this blog post you will follow along to produce a line chart using the ggplot2 package for R. ggplot2 is a highly customizable and extensible package, which provides an intuitive plotting syntax that allows for the creation of an incredibly diverse range of plots.

Deploying a Docker Container to the Cloud, Part 2

In this post you will learn how to deploy a fully-containerized web application to the cloud!

Clustered Container Deployments with Docker Swarm, Part 4

Learn how to use Docker Machine as a full-fledged provisioning tool. You will also learn how to provision a full Swarm cluster with Machine, fully automating your application deployments.

OpenCV and Android: Making Your Apps See

OpenCV focuses on real-time computer vision, so it felt natural when the library was extended to Android, a platform in which devices usually have a camera built in. However, if you're looking to implement OpenCV in your app, you will find the official documentations for the Android version a bit lagging behind the ever-evolving Android development environment. But this article helps with that and shows how to add the OpenCV Android library and use some of its basic functions on your app.

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