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The Year that was: 2014 in Game Development

Looking back on 2014 on the category of Game Development

Hacking toys with IFTTT and Spark

This post looks at one example of how we can Internet-enable a simple LED lantern toy using a wireless Spark Core device and the powerful IFTTT service.

Performing hand-written digit recognition with GoLearn

Alex Browne walks you through how to do basic recognition of hand-written digits using GoLearn

Encryption in the Cloud: An Overview

In this post we will look at how to secure your AWS solution data using encryption. We will also look at some of various services from AWS and other third party vendors that will help you not only encrypt your data, but take care of more problematic issues such as managing keys

Make the Most of Your Data with Syncfusion

Use your business data to your advantage with the help of Syncfusion’s new data science offerings. Discover how a custom big data solution can provide your company with valuable predictions about key market trends.

Making Games with Pixi.js

In this post we will introduce you to pixi.js, a super-fast rending engine that is also a swiss-army-knife tool with a friendly API.

Building Mobile Games with Crafty.js and PhoneGap: Part 1

Robi walks you through how to build mobile games with PhoneGap and Crafty.js

What I want to happen in Hardware - 2015

Looking at what I want 2015 to be like for Hardware

Chromebots: Increasing Accessibility for New Makers

This post shows how to use Chromebots to simplify the process for new users/makers to get to awesome quicker.

Minecraft Modding Experiences and Starter Advice

Martijn covers his personal experience with Minecraft modding, as well as some advice and tips for people who want to start developing and bring their own creativity to life in Minecraft.

Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data - Part 1

We can tap the vast amount of data from Twitter to generate “public opinion” towards certain topics by aggregating the individual tweet results over time. Sentiment Analysis aims to determine how a certain person or group reacts to a specific topic. Part 1 shows you how.

Text Mining with R: Part 1

In this two part post we demonstrate R’s ease, flexibility, and power we will look at how to use R to look at a collection of tweets from the 2014 super bowl, clear up data via R, turn that data it a document matrix so we can analyze the data, then create a “word cloud” so we can visualize our analysis to look for interesting words.

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