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The great unbundling of the tech stack and developer learning

The tech stack is changing. And with it, so is developer learning.

Courses Week - Discover Packt's New Live and On Demand Products

Learn the latest tech with Packt courses. Get to know them here.

"Technology opens up so many doors" - An Interview with Sharon Kaur from School of Code

Read our interview with School of Code bootcamper Sharon Kaur, where she discusses the initiative and tech in 2018.

"We shouldn't be bound by stereotypes" - An interview with Claire Chung

Claire Chung is a researcher who understands the impact technological innovation can have. Read our interview with her here.

Why you should start learning Spring Boot: An interview with Greg Turnquist

Read our interview with Greg Turnquist and learn why Spring Boot is becoming a hit within the Java community.

How IoT is going to change tech teams

IoT is changing everything. Find out how it's redefining the modern IT department.

Is Linux hard to learn?

How hard is it to learn Linux?

What is Seaborn and why should you use it for data visualization?

Seaborn is one of the most exciting data visualization tools out there. Find out why in this tutorial and explainer.

Packt teams up with Humble Bundle to bring developers a selection of mobile development bundles

Packt has teamed up with Humble Bundle to bring you a selection of mobile development eBooks and videos while supporting great charities.

Why Metadata is so important for IoT

IoT is connecting everything. Find out how metadata is essential to manage and optimize these connections as IoT takes over the planet.

Why are Android developers switching from Java to Kotlin?

Kotlin has been one of the fastest growing programming languages on the planet. Find out why Android developers are switching to it from Java.

Why has Vue.js become so popular?

Vue.js has been one of the fastest growing JavaScript frameworks of the last 12 months. But why is it proving so popular?

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