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Five reasons why Xamarin will change mobile development

Find out why Xamarin is changing mobile development with a white paper from Packt and Syncfusion

11 ways developers can make an impact on management

You’re a great developer and shipping truly awesome code, but you’re underdeveloped and under rewarded. Here’s 11 ways you can get noticed by management.

What does 'Infrastructure as Code' actually mean?

If you've ever asked the question 'what is infrastructure as code?' and failed to get an adequate answer, worry no more. Find out what it means here.

What is it like to learn a language at a coding bootcamp?

What's it like to learn programming at a coding bootcamp? And how valuable experience is it really? Read one woman's story of learning to code in nine weeks.

How do web development frameworks drive changes in programming languages?

Web frameworks define the way web developers work. In fact, they've become so important, that they're having an impact on the way programming languages develop.

AI and the Raspberry Pi: Machine Learning and IoT, What's the Impact?

Find out how the tiny Raspberry Pi device is making a really big impact in IoT and AI.

Is VR overrated?

Is VR really the future? Or is it just a lot of hot air? We take a closer look at one of the most hyped areas in game development.

DevOps is not continuous delivery

A lot of people think DevOps is the same as continuous delivery. They're similar, but it's important to understand the differences. Learn more about DevOps here.

How are container technologies changing programming languages?

Containerization has been changing the way we build and develop software for some time. Find out how it's been changing programming languages.

IBM Machine Learning: What Is It, and What Does It Mean For Data Scientists?

IBM are thinking boldly about Machine Learning. It's likely to become a key part of their offering in the future. But what does it mean for data scientists?

6 ways businesses can become more digitally secure

Confused about what security means for your business in today's digital world? Don't be - here's 6 ways to become more secure.

How to Retain Your Team

Things change quickly in tech. Make sure your team doesn't. Find out how to develop your team and keep them engaged.

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