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The Alfresco Platform

In this article by  Jeffrey T. Potts  and  Snehal K Shah , authors of  Alfresco Developer Guide, Second Edition , we will discuss the Alfresco architecture.

Analyzing Data Packets

In this article by Samir Datt , the author of the book Learning Network Forensics , you will learn to get your hands dirty by actually capturing and analyzing network traffic. We will learn how to use different software tools to capture and analyze network traffic with real-world scenarios of accessing data over the Internet and the resultant network capture. The article will cover the following topics: Packet sniffing and analysis using NetworkMiner Case study – sniffing out an insider

Implementing OpenStack Networking and Security

Working with Ceph Block Device

In this article by Karan Singh , the author of the book Ceph Cookbook , we will see how storage space or capacity are assigned to physical or virtual servers in detail. We'll also cover the various storage formats supported by Ceph. In this article, we will cover the following recipes: Working with the RADOS Block Device Configuring the Ceph client Creating RADOS Block Device Mapping RADOS Block Device Ceph RBD Resizing Working with RBD snapshots Working with RBD clones A quick look at OpenStack Ceph – the best match for OpenStack Configuring OpenStack as Ceph clients Configuring Glance for the Ceph backend Configuring Cinder for the Ceph backend Configuring Nova to attach the Ceph RBD Configuring Nova to boot the instance from the Ceph RBD

Classes and Instances of Ember Object Model

In this article by Erik Hanchett , author of the book  Ember.js cookbook , Ember.js is an open source JavaScript framework that will make you more productive. It uses common idioms and practices, making it simple to create amazing single-page applications. It also let's you create code in a modular way using the latest JavaScript features. Not only that, it also has a great set of APIs in order to get any task done. The Ember.js community is welcoming newcomers and is ready to help you when required.

Introduction to the Raspberry Pi's Architecture and Setup

This article by Andrew Dennis , the author of  Raspberry Pi Computer Architecture Essentials , provides a brief introduction to the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, including both its history and its hardware architecture.

Going Mobile First

In this article by Silvio Moreto Pererira , author of the book, Bootstrap By Example , we will focus on mobile design and how to change the page layout for different viewports, change the content, and more. In this article, you will learn the following: Mobile first development Debugging for any device The Bootstrap grid system for different resolutions

Introduction to Akka

In this article written by Prasanna Kumar Sathyanarayanan and Suraj Atreya (the authors of this book, Reactive Programming with Scala and Akka ), we will see what the Akka framework is all about in detail. Akka is a framework to write distributed, asynchronous, concurrent, and scalable applications. Akka actors react to the messages that are sent to them. Actors can be viewed as a passive component unless an external message is triggered. They are a higher level abstraction and provide a neat way to handle concurrency instead of a traditional multithreaded application.

Customizing IPython

In this article written by Cyrille Rossant , author of Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Data Visualization, Second edition , we look at how the Jupyter Notebook is a highly-customizable platform. You can configure many aspects of the software and can extend the backend (kernels) and the frontend (HTML-based Notebook). This allows you to create highly-personalized user experiences based on the Notebook. In this article, we will cover the following topics: Creating a custom magic command in an IPython extension Writing a new Jupyter kernel Customizing the Notebook interface with JavaScript

Gradient Descent at Work

In this article by Alberto Boschetti and Luca Massaron authors of book Regression Analysis with Python , we will learn about gradient descent, its feature scaling and a simple implementation.

CoreOS Networking and Flannel Internals

In this article by Sreenivas Makam , author of the book  Mastering CoreOS explains how microservices has increased the need to have lots of containers and also connectivity between containers across hosts. It is necessary to have a robust Container networking scheme to achieve this goal. This article will cover the basics of Container networking with a focus on how CoreOS does Container networking with Flannel.

Predicting Sports Winners with Decision Trees and pandas

In this article by Robert Craig Layton , author of Learning Data Mining with Python , we will look at predicting the winner of games of the National Basketball Association ( NBA ) using a different type of classification algorithm—decision trees.

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