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Extracting data physically with dd

 In this article by Rohit Tamm a and Donnie Tindall , authors of the book  Learning Android Forensics , we will cover physical data extraction using free and open source tools wherever possible. The majority of the material covered in this chapter will use the ADB methods.

Angular 2.0

Angular 2.0 was officially announced in ng-conference on October 2014. Angular 2.0 will not be a major update to the previous version, but it is a complete rewrite of the entire framework and will include major changes. In this article by Mohammad Wadood Majid , coauthor of the book Mastering AngularJS for .NET Developers , we will learn the following topics: Why Angular 2.0 Design and features of Angular 2.0 AtScript Routing solution Dependency injection Annotations Instance scope Child injector Data binding and templating

Patterns for Data Processing

In this article by Marcus Young , the author of the book Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS , we will cover the following patterns: Queuing chain pattern Job observer pattern

Machine Learning

In this article by Alberto Boschetti and Luca Massaron , authors of the book Python Data Science Essentials , you will learn about how to deal with big data and an overview of Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD).

Less with External Applications and Frameworks

In this article by Bass Jobsen , author of the book  Less Web Development Essentials - Second Edition , we will cover the following topics: WordPress and Less Using Less with the Play framework, AngularJS, Meteor, and Rails

Welcome to the Spring Framework

In this article by Ravi Kant Soni , author of the book  Learning Spring Application Development , you will be closely acquainted with the Spring Framework. Spring is an open source framework created by Rod Johnson to address the complexity of enterprise application development. Spring is now a long time de facto standard for Java enterprise software development. The framework was designed with developer productivity in mind and this makes it easier to work with the existing Java and JEE APIs. Using Spring, we can develop standalone applications, desktop applications, two tier applications, web applications, distributed applications, enterprise applications, and so on.

Integrating social media

In this article by Karol Krol , the author of the WordPress 4.x Complete , we will look at how we can integrate our website with social media. We will list some more ways in which you can make your site social media friendly, and also see why you'd want to do that in the first place. Let's start with the why . In this day and age, social media is one of the main drivers of traffic for many sites. Even if you just want to share your content with friends and family, or you have some serious business plans regarding your site, you need to have at least some level of social media integration. Even if you install just simple social media share buttons, you will effectively encourage your visitors to pass on your content to their followers, thus expanding your reach and making your content more popular.

Auto updating child records in Process Builder

In this article by Rakesh Gupta , the author of the book Learning Salesforce Visual Workflow , we will discuss how to auto update child records using Process Builder of Salesforce. There are several business use cases where a customer wants to update child records based on some criteria, for example, auto-updating all related Opportunity to Closed-Lost if an account is updated to Inactive . To achieve these types of business requirements, you can use the Apex trigger. You can also achieve these types of requirements using the following methods: Process Builder A combination of Flow and Process Builder A combination of Flow and Inline Visualforce page on the account detail page

Basic Requirement for a RasPi Project

In this article, by Rushi Gajjar , author of the book  Raspberry Pi Sensors , you will see the basic requirements needed for building the RasPi projects. You can't spend even a day without electronics, can you? Electronics is everywhere, from your toothbrush to cars and in aircrafts and spaceships too. This article will help you understand the concepts of electronics that can be very useful while working with the RasPi. You might have read many electronics-related books, and they might have bored you with concepts when you really wanted to create or build projects. I believe that there must be a reason for explanations being given about electronics and its applications. Once you know about the electronics, we will walk through the communication protocols and their uses with respect to communication among electronic components and different techniques to do it. Useful tips and precautions are listed before starting to work with GPIOs on the RasPi. Then, you will understand the functionalities of GPIO and blink the LED using shell, Python, and C code. Let's cover some of the fundamentals of electronics.

Advanced Indexing and Array Concepts

In this article by Ivan Idris , the author of NumPy Cookbook - Second Edition , we will learn some of NumPy's more advanced and tricky indexing techniques. In this article, we will cover: Installing SciPy Installing PIL Resizing images Comparing views and copies Flipping Lena Fancy indexing Indexing with a list of locations Indexing with booleans Stride tricks for Sudoku Broadcasting arrays Before diving into indexing, we will install the necessary software — SciPy and PIL. Some of the examples in this article will involve manipulating images. In order to do that, we will require the Python Image Library (PIL); but don't worry, instructions and pointers to help you install PIL and other necessary Python software are given throughout the article, when necessary.

Administration of Configuration Manager through PowerShell

When we are required to automate a few activities in Configuration Manager, we need to use any of the scripting languages, such as VB or PowerShell. PowerShell has its own advantages over other scripting languages. In this article by Guruprasad HP , coauthor of the book  Microsoft System Center Powershell Essentials we will cover: The introduction of Configuration Manager through PowerShell Hierarchy details Asset and compliance

Creating Random Insults

In this article by Daniel Bates , the author of Raspberry Pi for Kids - Second edition , we're going to learn and use the Python programming language to generate random funny phrases such as, Alice has a smelly foot!

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