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edX E-Learning Course Marketing

In this article by Matthew A. Gilbert , the author of edX E-Learning Course Development , we are going to learn various ways of marketing.

The Django Debug Toolbar

In this article by Karen M. Tracey , author of the book Django 1.1 Testing and Debugging , we will see that the Django Debug Toolbar is a very useful general purpose debugging tool for Django applications. It lets you see the SQL queries that were needed to produce a page. We will also see, it goes far beyond that, providing easy access to much more information about the SQL queries and other aspects of request processing.

Animating Elements

In this article by Alex Libby , author of the book Mastering PostCSS for Web Design , you will study about animating elements. A question if you had the choice of three websites: one static, one with badly done animation, and one that has been enhanced with subtle use of animation. Which would you choose? Well, my hope is the answer to that question should be number three: animation can really make a website stand out if done well, or fail miserably if done badly! So far, our content has been relatively static, save for the use of media queries. It's time though to take a look at how PostCSS can help make animating content a little easier. We'll begin with a quick recap on the basics of animation before exploring the route to moving away from pure animation through to SASS and finally across to PostCSS. We will cover a number of topics throughout this article, which will include: A recap on the use of jQuery to animate content Switching to CSS-based animation Exploring the use of prebuilt libraries, such as  Animate.css

Handling Image and Video Files

This article written by Gloria Bueno García , Oscar Deniz Suarez , José Luis Espinosa Aranda , Jesus Salido Tercero , Ismael Serrano Gracia , and Noelia Vállez Enanois , the authors of Learning Image Processing with OpenCV , is intended as a first contact with OpenCV, its installation, and first basic programs. We will cover the following topics: A brief introduction to OpenCV for the novice, followed by an easy step-by-step guide to the installation of the library A quick tour of OpenCV's structure after the installation in the user's local disk Quick recipes to create projects using the library with some common programming frameworks How to use the functions to read and write images and videos

Avoiding Obstacles Using Sensors

In this article by Richard Grimmett , the author of Arduino Robotic Projects , we'll learn the following topics: How to add sensors to your projects How to add a servo to your sensor

Setting up an online shopping cart with Drupal and Ubercart

In this article by Trevor James ,author of Drupal 7 Business solutions we install and configure the Ubercart module for Drupal 7 in order to set up an online store and e-commerce system for our client who owns a bakery called Artisan Bakers Collective. Our client wants to offer their baked goods and other products online so their customers can order and pay for their bread and other baked goods ahead of time and then pick them up in the store. Follow along as we set up a basic Ubercart driven e-commerce system in Drupal 7.

Getting Started with Nginx

In this article by the author, Valery Kholodkov , of the book,  Nginx Essentials , we learn to start digging a bit deeper into Nginx, we will quickly go through most common distributions that contain prebuilt packages for Nginx.

Roles and Responsibilities for Records Management Implementation in Alfresco 3

From what we have seen in article, Introduction to Successful Records Management Implementation in Alfresco 3 , clearly there is more to implementing a records management system successfully than simply installing and configuring software. There are many cultural, process, and people issues that need to be considered in planning for a records management system. In this article, by Dick Weisinger , author of Alfresco 3 Records Management , we will discuss how we can start building the team that will actually design, plan, and build the records management system.

Creating User Interfaces

This article by Belen Cruz Zapata , the author of the book Android Studio 2 Essentials - Second Edition , focuses on the creation of the user interfaces using layouts. The layouts can be created using a graphical view or a text-based view. Since there are over 18,000 Android device types, you will learn about fragmentation on different screen types and will discuss how to prepare our application for this issue. We will end this article with basic notions of handling events on our application.

A capability model for microservices

In this article by Rajesh RV , the author of Spring Microservices , you will learn aboutthe concepts of microservices. More than sticking to definitions, it is better to understand microservices by examining some common characteristics of microservices that are seen across many successful microservices implementations. Spring Boot is an ideal framework to implement microservices. In this article, we will examine how to implement microservices using Spring Boot with an example use case. Beyond services, we will have to be aware of the challenges around microservices implementation. This article will also talk about some of the common challenges around microservices. A successful microservices implementation has to have some set of common capabilities. In this article, we will establish a microservices capability model that can be used in a technology-neutral framework to implement large-scale microservices.

Backup and Recovery for Oracle SOA Suite 12C

 In this article written by Ahmed Aboulnaga , Arun Pareek , and Harold Dost , authors of the book Oracle SOA Suite 12c Administrator's Guide , you have already recognized the importance of establishing well-defined backup and recovery procedures as an administrator. It is easy to write in length on this topic alone, discussing various backup, restore, failover, migration, and disaster recovery strategies. Fortunately, we will focus on the most important areas in this chapter to simplify the process for you as best as we can. As long as you understand a few core concepts regarding the overall backup and recovery strategy for Oracle SOA Suite 12 c , you can implement it in any number of ways. Establishing a backup and restore strategy is important because it provides you the ability to restore your environment in the event of a critical infrastructure or hardware failure. For instance, if you experience a hard drive failure, the disks may have to be replaced and the software restored from backup. It also provides you the ability to restore your environment to a previously working snapshot in the event of a faulty patch, faulty code deployment, or faulty configuration. In some cases, these faulty updates are not undoable and thus a restore may be needed. In this chapter, we will cover the following key areas: Understanding what needs to be backed up The rrecommended backup strategy Implementing the backup process Recovery strategies (For more resources related to this topic, see here .)

Tinkering Around in Django JavaScript Integration

One of the great joys of programming is not when we are trying to get the bare essentials basically working, but when the system is working as a whole, and we start to ask, "What about this? What about that?" One positive sense of the term "hacking" can refer to this tinkering, and it can be a joy to tinker with an already working system to see what enhancements are possible. Here we will tinker with the system and make some minor tweaks and two slightly more major enhancements. In this article, by Jonathan Hayward , author of Django JavaScript Integration: AJAX and jQuery we will cover: Minor bugfixes and enhancements A more usable input solution for passwords Telling an (approximate) local time for other people we are working with, who may be in different time zones

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