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Fingerprint detection using OpenCV 3

In this article by Joseph Howse , Quan Hua , Steven Puttemans , and Utkarsh Sinha , the authors of OpenCV Blueprints , we delve into the aspect of fingerprint detection using OpenCV.

Monitoring OpenStack Networks

In this article by Chandan Dutta Chowdhury and Sriram Subramanian , authors of the book OpenStack Networking Cookbook , we will explore various means to monitor the network resource utilization using Ceilometer. We will cover the following topics: Virtual Machine bandwidth monitoring L3 bandwidth monitoring

Introduction to Data Analysis and Libraries

In this article by Martin Czygan and Phuong Vothihong , the authors of the book Getting Started with Python Data Analysis , Data is raw information that can exist in any form, which is either usable or not. We can easily get data everywhere in our life; for example, the price of gold today is $ 1.158 per ounce. It does not have any meaning, except describing the gold price. This also shows that data is useful based on context.

Integrating Elasticsearch with the Hadoop ecosystem

In this article by Vishal Shukla , author of the book Elasticsearch for Hadoop , we will take a look at how ES-Hadoop can integrate with Pig and Spark with ease. Elasticsearch is great in getting insights into the indexed data. The Hadoop ecosystem does a great job in making Hadoop easily usable for different users by providing a comfortable interface. Some of the examples are Hive and Pig. Apart from these, Hadoop integrates well with other computing engines and platforms, such as Spark and Cascading.

Tappy Defender – Building the home screen

In this article by John Horton , the author of Android Game Programming by Example , we will look at developing the home screen UI for our game.

Hand Gesture Recognition Using a Kinect Depth Sensor

In this article by Michael Beyeler author of the book OpenCV with Python Blueprints is to develop an app that detects and tracks simple hand gestures in real time using the output of a depth sensor, such as that of a Microsoft Kinect 3D sensor or an Asus Xtion. The app will analyze each captured frame to perform the following tasks: Hand region segmentation : The user's hand region will be extracted in each frame by analyzing the depth map output of the Kinect sensor, which is done by thresholding , applying some morphological operations , and finding connected components Hand shape analysis : The shape of the segmented hand region will be analyzed by determining contours , convex hull , and convexity defects Hand gesture recognition : The number of extended fingers will be determined based on the hand contour's convexity defects , and the gesture will be classified accordingly (with no extended finger corresponding to a fist, and five extended fingers corresponding to an open hand)

Using Resources

In this article written by Mathieu Nayrolles , author of the book  Xamarin Studio for Android Programming: A C# Cookbook , wants us to learn of how to play sound and how to play a movie by using an user-interactive—press on button in a programmative way.

The Swift Programming Language

This article is by Chuck Gaffney , the author of the book iOS 9 Game Development Essentials . This delves into some vital specifics of the Swift language.

Creating Instagram Clone Layout using Ionic framework

In this article by Zainul Setyo Pamungkas , author of the book PhoneGap 4 Mobile Application Development Cookbook , we will see how Ionic framework is one of the most popular HTML5 framework for hybrid application development. Ionic framework provides native such as the UI component that user can use and customize.

The Camera API

In this article by Purusothaman Ramanujam , the author of  PhoneGap Beginner's Guide Third Edition , we will look at the Camera API. The Camera API provides access to the device's camera application using the Camera plugin identified by the cordova-plugin-camera key. With this plugin installed, an app can take a picture or gain access to a media file stored in the photo library and albums that the user created on the device. The Camera API exposes the following two methods defined in the object: getPicture : This opens the default camera application or allows the user to browse the media library, depending on the options specified in the configuration object that the method accepts as an argument cleanup : This cleans up any intermediate photo file available in the temporary storage location (supported only on iOS)

Using the OpenStack Dash-board

In this article by Kevin Jackson , Cody Bunch , and Egle Sigler , the authors of the book OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook - Third Edition , we will cover the following topics: Using OpenStack Dashboard with LBaaS Using OpenStack Dashboard with OpenStack Orchestration

Creating Interactive Spreadsheets using Tables and Slicers

In this article by Hernan D Rojas author of the book Data Analysis and Business Modeling with Excel 2013  introduces additional materials to the advanced Excel developer in the presentation stage of the data analysis life cycle . What you will learn in this article is how to leverage Excel's new features to add interactivity to your spreadsheets.

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