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Components of PrimeFaces Extensions

This article by Sudheer Jonna , author of Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development , provides a basic introduction for newly created advanced components, improved components along with the useful converters, validators, utility functions, and maven plugins to make the web development easier. After that, it explorers the basic input and advanced dynamic form components, commonly used input components and their features, InputNumber component, KeyFilter component, TriStateCheckbox and TriStateManyCheckbox, TimeLine component, MasterDetail component and its various features, and introduces the exporter component and its features.


In this article by Andy Bailey and Sudheer Jonna , the authors of the book, PrimeFaces Theme Development , we'll cover icons, which add a lot of value to an application based on the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words. Equally important is the fact that they can, when well designed, please the eye and serve as memory joggers for your user. We humans strongly associate symbols with actions. For example, a save button with a disc icon is more evocative. The association becomes even stronger when we use the same icon for the same action in menus and button bars. It is also possible to use icons in place of text labels. It is an important thing to keep in mind when designing the user interface of your application that the navigational and action elements (such as buttons) should not be so intrusive that the application becomes too cluttered with the things that can be done. The user wants to be able to see the information that they want to see and use input dialogs to add more. What they don't want is to be distracted with links, lots of link and button text, and glaring visuals. In this article, we will cover the following topics: The standard theme icon set Creating a set of icons of our own Adding new icons to a theme Using custom icons in a commandButton component Using custom icons in a menu component The FontAwesome icons as an alternative to the ThemeRoller icons

Building Surveys using Xcode

In this article by Dhanushram Balachandran and Edward Cessna author of book Getting Started with ResearchKit , you can find the Softwareitis.xcodeproj project in the Chapter_3/Softwareitis folder of the RKBook GitHub repository (

Understanding UIKitFundamentals

In this article by Jak Tiano , author of the book Learning Xcode , we're mostly going to be talking about concepts rather than concrete code examples. Since we've been using UIKit throughout the whole book (and we will continue to do so), I'm going to do my best to elaborate on some things we've already seen and give you new information that you can apply to what we do in the future.


In this article by Erik Westra, author of the book Modular Programming with Python , we learn the concepts of wrappers. A wrapper is essentially a group of functions that call other functions to do the work.

Our App and Tool Stack

In this article by Zachariah Moreno , author of the book AngularJS Deployment Essentials , you will learn how to do the following: Minimize efforts and maximize results using a tool stack optimized for AngularJS development Access the krakn app via GitHub Scaffold an Angular app with Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower Set up a local Node.js development server Read through krakn's source code Before NASA or Space X launches a vessel into the cosmos, there is a tremendous amount of planning and preparation involved. The guiding principle when planning for any successful mission is similar to minimizing efforts and resources while retaining maximum return on the mission. Our principles for development and deployment are no exception to this axiom, and you will gain a firmer working knowledge of how to do so in this article.

Aggregators, File exchange Over FTP/FTPS, Social Integration, and Enterprise Messaging

In this article by Chandan Pandey , the author of Spring Integration Essentials , we will explore the out-of-the-box capabilities that the Spring Integration framework provides for a seamless flow of messages across heterogeneous components and see what Spring Integration has in the box when it comes to real-world integration challenges. We will cover Spring Integration's support for external components and we will cover the following topics in detail: Aggregators File exchange over FTP/FTPS Social integration Enterprise messaging

Step Detector and Step Counters Sensors

In this article by Varun Nagpal , author of the book, Android Sensor Programming By Example , we will focus on learning about the use of step detector and step counter sensors. These sensors are very similar to each other and are used to count the steps. Both the sensors are based on a common hardware sensor, which internally uses accelerometer, but Android still treats them as logically separate sensors. Both of these sensors are highly battery optimized and consume very low power. Now, lets look at each individual sensor in detail.

OpenCart Themes: Styling Effects of jQuery Plugins

This article shows how we can add different jQuery plugins to expand the system. We also discuss about different styling effects of jQuery plugins that we can use to enhance the look and feel of our store. In this article by Tahsin Hasan , author of OpenCart 1.4 Template Design Cookbook , we will cover: Customizing the jQuery cycle plugin Modifying the side column with the jQuery cycle plugin Different transition effects of jQuery cycle plugin

Introducing Liferay for Your Intranet

In this article by Navin Agarwal , author of the book Liferay Portal 6.2 Enterprise Intranets , we will learn that Liferay is an enterprise application solution. It provides a lot of functionalities, which helps an organization to grow and is a one-solution package as a portal and content management solution. In this article, we will look at the following topics: The complete features you want your organization's intranet solution to have Reasons why Liferay is an excellent choice to build your intranet Where and how Liferay is used besides intranet portals Easy integration with other open source tools and applications Getting into more technical information about what Liferay is and how it works So, let's start looking at exactly what kind of site we're going to build.

Introduction to Custom Template Filters and Tags

This article is written by Aidas Bendoratis, the author of Web Development with Django Cookbook . In this article, we will cover the following recipes: Following conventions for your own template filters and tags Creating a template filter to show how many days have passed Creating a template filter to extract the first media object Creating a template filter to humanize URLs Creating a template tag to include a template if it exists Creating a template tag to load a QuerySet in a template Creating a template tag to parse content as a template Creating a template tag to modify request query parameters

An overview of Unreal Engine

In this article by Joanna Lee , the author of Learning Unreal Engine Game Development , we will run you through the different fundamental components in a game and what Unreal Engine 4 offers to help you make your dream game. The following topics will be covered in this article: What is in a game? The history of Unreal Engine ( UE ) How is game development done? The components of the UE and its editors

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