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Exploring Project History

One of the most important parts of mastering a version control system is exploring project history, making use of the fact that with version control system, we have an archive of every version that has ever existed. Here, you will learn how to select, filter, and view a range of revisions, refer to revisions (revision selection), and also how to find revisions using different criteria. This article by Jakub Narebski , the author of Mastering Git , will introduce the concept of the Directed Acyclic Graph ( DAG ) of revisions and explain how it relates to the ideas of branches, tags, and current branches on Git.

Ionic JS Components

In this article by Chris Simmonds , author of the book, Getting Started with Ionic , we will cover the various Ionic JS components.

Creating First Akka Application

In this article by Jason Goodwin , the author of the book Learning Akka , we have covered how to set up your environment and how to create a project, we can proceed with creating some actor code in Akka and then understand how to validate this code. We will be using simple build tool ( SBT ), which is the preferred build tool for Scala projects, Play Framework and Activator also use this build tool under the hood. It's not complex and we will use it only for managing dependencies and building, testing, and running the applications. So, it should not be an obstacle to learn Akka.

Logstash Input Plugins

In this article by Saurabh Chhajed , author of the book  Learning ELK Stack , he has covered Logstash input plugins. Logstash has a variety of plugins to help integrate it with a variety of input and output sources. Let's explore the various plugins available.

What you need to know about Servos and Motors

In this article written by Kassandra Perch , author of Learning JavaScript Robotics , we will be giving you a glimpse into robotics. We will be looking at different kinds of servos and motors, learning about some special concerns while using them, and discovering how to wire them up.

Docker in Production

In this article by Scott Gallagher , the author of Mastering Docker , we will be looking at Docker in production, pulling all the pieces together so you can start using Docker in your production environments and feel comfortable doing so. Let's take a peek at what we will be covering in this article: Setting up hosts and nodes Managing hosts and container Using Docker Compose Extending to external platforms Security

The Life and Times of an Android App

In this article by John Horton , author of the book  Android Programming for Beginners , we will look at the lifecycle of an Android app. At first it might sound a bit strange that a computer program has a lifecycle, but it will soon make sense. We will see the phases an app goes through from creation to destruction and how this helps us know where to put our Java code, depending on what we are trying to achieve. In brief we will look at: The life and times of an Android app What the method overriding @Override is The phases of the Android lifecycle What exactly we need to know and do to code our apps A lifecycle demonstration miniapp Let's start learning about the Android lifecycle.

Making Your Data Everything It Can Be

In this article by Robert Dempsey , author of the book, Python Business Intelligence Cookbook , we will cover the steps that you need to import a file and consequently retrieve, insert, update and delete, single and multiple records.

Introducing Bayesian Inference

In this article by Dr. Hari M. Kudovely , the author of Learning Bayesian Models with R , we will look at Bayesian inference in depth. The Bayes theorem is the basis for updating beliefs or model parameter values in Bayesian inference, given the observations. In this article, a more formal treatment of Bayesian inference will be given. To begin with, let us try to understand how uncertainties in a real-world problem are treated in Bayesian approach.

Angular.js in a Nutshell

In this article by Michael Heydt , author of the book  D3.js By Example , we take an overview of the importance of MVC in AngularJS, and the benefits of AngularJS for a D3 developer.

CSS3 – Selectors and nth Rules

In this article by Ben Frain , the author of Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 Second Edition , we'll look in detail at pseudo classes, selectors such as the :last-child and nth-child, the nth rules and nth-based selection in responsive web design.

The strange relationship between objects, functions, generators and coroutines

The strange relationship between objects, functions, generators and coroutines by Dusty Phillips In this article, I’d like to investigate some relationships between functions, objects, generators and coroutines in Python. At a theoretical level, these are very different concepts, but because of Python’s dynamic nature, many of them can appear to be used interchangeably. I discuss useful applications of all of these in my book, Python 3 Object-oriented Programming - Second Edition . In this essay, we’ll examine their relationship in a more whimsical light; most of the code examples below are ridiculous and should not be attempted in a production setting!

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