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Building a Gallery Application

In this article by Michael Williams , author of the book Xamarin Blueprints , will walk you through native development with Xamarin by building an iOS and Android application that will read from your local gallery files and display them in a UITableView and ListView . 

Adding Charts to Dashboards

In this article by Vince Sesto , author of the book Learning Splunk Web Framework, we will study adding charts to dashboards. We have a development branch to work from and we are going to work further with the SimpleXMLDashboard dashboard. We should already be on our development server environment as we have just switched over to our new development branch. 

C++, SFML, Visual Studio, and Starting the first game

In this article by John Horton , author of the book, Beginning C++ Game Programming , we will waste no time in getting you started on your journey to writing great games for the PC, using C++ and the OpenGL powered SFML.We will learn absolutely everything we need, to have the first part of our first game up and running. Here is what we will do now.

ASP.NET Controllers and Server-Side Routes

In this article by Valerio De Sanctis , author of the book ASP.NET Web API and Angular 2 , we will explore the client-server interaction capabilities of our frameworks: to put it in other words, we need to understand how Angular2 will be able to fetch data from ASP.NET Core using its brand new, MVC6-based API structure. We won't be worrying about how will ASP.NET core retrieve these data – be it from session objects, data stores, DBMS, or any possible data source, that will come later on. For now, we'll just put together some sample, static data in order to understand how to pass them back and forth by using a well-structured, highly-configurable and viable interface.

Exception Handling with Python

In this article, by Ninad Sathaye, author of the book,  Learning Python Application Development , you will learn techniques to make the application more robust by handling exceptions Specifically, we will cover the following topics: What are the exceptions in Python? Controlling the program flow with the try…except clause Dealing with common problems by handling exceptions Creating and using custom exception classes

Introducing vSphere vMotion

In this article by  Abhilash G B  and  Rebecca Fitzhugh  author of the book  Learning VMware vSphere , we are mostly going to be talking about howvSphere vMotion is a VMware technology used to migratea running virtual machine from one host to another without altering its power-state. The beauty of the whole process is that it is transparent to the applications running inside the virtual machine. In this section we will understand the inner workings of vMotion and learn how to configure it. There are different types of vMotion, such as: Compute vMotion Storage vMotion Unified vMotion Enhanced vMotion (X-vMotion) Cross vSwitch vMotion Cross vCenter vMotion Long Distance vMotion

Geocoding Address-Based Data

In this article by John Van Hoesen , Richard A Smith Jr , Kurt Menke , and Luigi Pirelli , the authors of the book Mastering QGIS - Second Edition will cover geocoding addresses has many applications, such as mapping the customer base for a store, members of an organization, public health records, or incidence of crime. Once mapped, the points can be used in many ways to generate information. For example, they can be used as inputs to generate density surfaces, linked to parcels of land, and characterized by socio-economic data. They may also be an important component of a cadastral information system.

Preprocessing the Data

In this article, by Sampath Kumar Kanthala , the author of the book Practical Data Analysis discusses how to obtain, clean, normalize, and transform raw data into a standard format like CVS or JSON using OpenRefine. In this article we will cover: Data Scrubbing Statistical methods Text Parsing Data Transformation

Server-Side Rendering

In this article by Kamil Przeorski , the author of the book Mastering Full Stack React Web Development introduces Universal JavaScript or isomorphic JavaScript features that we are going to implement in thisarticle. To be more exact: we will develop our app the way that we will render the app's pages both on server and client side. It's different to Angular1 or Backbone single-page apps which are mainly rendered on the client side. Our approach is more complicated in technological terms as you need to deploy your full-stack skills which working on a server side rendering, but on the other-side having this experience will make you more desirable programmer so you can advance your career to the next level—you will be able to charge more for your skills on the market.

Creating Your First Plug-in

Eclipse – an IDE for everything and nothing in particular. Eclipse is a highly modular application consisting of hundreds of plugins, and can be extended by installing additional plugins. Plugins are developed and debugged with the Plugin Development Environment (PDE). In this article by  Dr Alex Blewitt , author of the book,  Eclipse Plug-in Development: Beginner's Guide - Second Edition , covers: Set up an Eclipse environment for doing plug-in development Create a plug-in with the new plug-in wizard Launch a new Eclipse instance with the plug-in enabled Debug the Eclipse plug-in

Optimizing Games for Android

In this article by  Avisekhar Roy , the author of  The Android Game Developer's Handbook , we will focus on the need for optimization and types of optimization with respect to games for the Android OS.

Setting up MongoDB

In this article by Samer Buna author of the book  Learning GraphQL and Relay , we're mostly going to be talking about how an API is nothing without access to a database. Let's set up a local MongoDB instance, add some data in there, and make sure we can access that data through our GraphQL schema.

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