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Hosting on Google App Engine

In this article by Mat Ryer , the author of the book  Go Programming Blueprints Second Edition , we will see how to create a successful Google Application and deploy it in Google App Engine along with Googles Cloud data storage facility for App Engine Developers.

The Data Science Venn Diagram

It is a common misconception that only those with a PhD or geniuses can understand the math/programming behind data science. This is absolutely false. In this article by Sinan Ozdemir , author of the book Principles of Data Science , we will discuss how data science begins with three basic areas: Math/statistics : This is the use of equations and formulas to perform analysis Computer programming : This is the ability to use code to create outcomes on the computer Domain knowledge : This refers to understanding the problem domain (medicine, finance, social science, and so on)

Heart Diseases Prediction using Spark 2.0.0

In this article, Md. Rezaul Karim and Md. Mahedi Kaysar , the authors of the book Large Scale Machine Learning with Spark discusses how to develop a large scale heart diseases prediction pipeline by considering steps like taking input, parsing, making label point for regression, model training, model saving and finally predictive analytics using the trained model using Spark 2.0.0. In this article, they will develop a large-scale machine learning application using several classifiers like the random forest, decision tree, and linear regression classifier. To make this happen the following steps will be covered: Data collection and exploration Loading required packages and APIs Creating an active Spark session Data parsing and RDD of Label point creation Splitting the RDD of label point into training and test set Training the model Model saving for future use Predictive analysis using the test set Predictive analytics using the new dataset Performance comparison among different classifier

Frontend development with Bootstrap 4

In this article by Bass Jobsen author of the book  Bootstrap 4 Site Blueprints explains Bootstrap's popularity as a frontend web development framework is easy to understand. It provides a palette of user-friendly, cross-browser-tested solutions for the most standard UI conventions. Its ready-made, community-tested combination of HTML markup, CSS styles, and JavaScript plugins greatly speed up the task of developing a frontend web interface, and it yields a pleasing result out of the gate. With the fundamental elements in place, we can customize the design on top of a solid foundation.

Managing Application Configuration

In this article by Sean McCord author of the book  CoreOS Cookbook , we will explore some of the options available to help bridge the configuration divide with the following topics: Configuring by URL Translating etcd to configuration files Building EnvironmentFiles Building an active configuration manager Using fleet globals

Diving into Data – Search and Report

In this article by Josh Diakun , Paul R Johnson , and Derek Mock authors of the books Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook - Second Edition , we will cover the basic ways to search the data in Splunk. We will cover how to make raw event data readable

Bringing DevOps to Network Operations

In this article by Steven Armstrong , author of the book  DevOps for Networking , we will focus on people and process with regards to DevOps. The DevOps initiative was initially about breaking down silos between development and operations teams and changing company's operational models. It will highlight methods to unblock IT staff and allow them to work in a more productive fashion, but these mindsets have since been extended to quality assurance testing, security, and now network operations. This article will primarily focus on the evolving role of the network engineer, which is changing like the operations engineer before them, and the need for network engineers to learn new skills that will allow network engineers to remain as valuable as they are today as the industry moves towards a completely programmatically controlled operational model.

Features of Dynamics GP

 In this article by Ian Grieve and Mark Polino , authors of the book, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Cookbook , we will see few features of Dynamics GP. Dynamics GP provides a number of features to better organize the overall system and improve its usefulness for all users; these recipes are designed for the use of administrators rather than typical users. This article is designed to demonstrate how to implement and fine-tune these features to provide the most benefit. In this article, we will look at the following topics: Speeding account entry with account aliases Cleaning account lookups by removing accounts from lookups Streamlining payables processing by prioritizing vendors Getting clarity with user-defined fields

Swift's Core Libraries

In this article, Jon Hoffman , the author of the book  Mastering Swift 3 , talks about how he was really excited when Apple announced that they were going to release a version of Swift for Linux, so he could use Swift for his Linux and embedded development as well as his Mac OS and iOS development. When Apple first released Swift 2.2 for Linux, he was very excited but was also a little disappointed because he could not read/write files, access network services, or use Grand Central Dispatch (GCD or libdispatch) on Linux like he could on Apple's platforms. With the release of Swift 3, Apple has corrected this with the release of Swift's core libraries.

Go Programming Control Flow

In this article by  Vladimir Vivien  author of the book  Learning Go programming  explains some basic control flow of Go programming language. Go borrows several of the control flow syntax from its C-family of languages. It supports all of the expected control structures including  if-else ,  switch ,  for-loop , and even  goto . Conspicuously absent though are  while  or  do-while  statements. The following topics examine Go's control flow elements. Some of which you may already be familiar and others that bring new set of functionalities not found in other languages. The if statement The switch statement The type Switch (For more resources related to this topic, see  here .)

Deployment and DevOps

 In this article by Makoto Hashimoto and Nicolas Modrzyk , the authors of the book Clojure Programming Cookbook , we will cover the recipe Clojure on Amazon Web Services .

Directory Services

In this article by Gregory Boyce , author Linux Networking Cookbook , we will focus on getting you started by Configuring Samba as an Active Directory compatible directory service and Joining a Linux box to the domain.

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