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Testing our application on an iOS device

In this article by Michelle M. Fernandez , author of the book Corona SDK Mobile Game Development Beginner's Guide , we can upload our first Hello World application on an iOS device, we need to log in into our Apple developer account so that we can create and install our signing certificates on our development machine. If you haven't created a developer account yet, do so by going to . Remember that there is a fee of $99 a year to become an Apple developer.

Machine Learning Using Spark MLlib

In this article by Krishna Sankar , the author of Fast Data Processing with Spark Second Edition , we will look at the how we can use Spark for machine learning. One of the major attractions of Spark is the ability to scale computation massively, and that is exactly what you need for machine learning algorithms. But the caveat is that all machine learning algorithms cannot be effectively parallelized. Each algorithm has its own challenges for parallelization, whether it is task parallelism or data parallelism. Having said that, Spark is becoming the de-facto platform for building machine learning algorithms and applications. For example, Apache Mahout is moving away from Hadoop MapReduce and implementing the algorithms in Spark (see the first reference at the end of this article). The developers working on the Spark MLlib are implementing more and more machine algorithms in a scalable and concise manner in the Spark framework. For the latest information on this, you can refer to the Spark site at , which is the authoritative source. This article covers the following machine learning algorithms: Basic statistics Linear regression Classification Clustering Recommendations

Installing PostgreSQL

In this article by Hans-Jürgen Schönig , author of the book  Troubleshooting PostgreSQL , we will cover what can go wrong during the installation process and what can be done to avoid those things from happening. At the end of the article, you should be able to avoid all of the pitfalls, traps, and dangers you might face during the setup process. For this article, I have compiled some of the core problems that I have seen over the years, as follows: Deciding on a version during installation Memory and kernel issues Preventing problems by adding checksums to your database instance Wrong encodings and subsequent import errors Polluted template databases Killing the postmaster badly At the end of the article, you should be able to install PostgreSQL and protect yourself against the most common issues popping up immediately after installation.

Factor variables in R

This article by Jaynal Abedin and Kishor Kumar Das , authors of the book Data Manipulation with R Second Edition , will discuss factor variables in R. In any data analysis task, the majority of the time is dedicated to data cleaning and preprocessing. Sometimes, it is considered that about 80 percent of the effort is devoted to data cleaning before conducting the actual analysis. Also, in real-world data, we often work with categorical variables. A variable that takes only a limited number of distinct values is usually known as a categorical variable, and in R, it is known as a factor . Working with categorical variables in R is a bit technical, and in this article, we have tried to demystify this process of dealing with categorical variables.

Creating Games with Cocos2d-x is Easy and 100 percent Free

In this article by Raydelto Hernandez , the author of the book  Building Android games with Cocos2d-x , we will talk about the Cocos2d-x game engine, which is widely used to create Android games. The launch of the Apple App Store back in 2008 leveraged the reach capacity of indie game developers who since its occurrence are able to reach millions of users and compete with large companies, outperforming them in some situations. This reality led the trend of creating reusable game engines, such as Cocos2d-iPhone, which is written natively using Objective-C by the Argentine iPhone developer, Ricardo Quesada. Cocos2d-iPhone allowed many independent developers to reach the top charts of downloads.

An introduction to testing AngularJS directives

In this article by Simon Bailey , the author of  AngularJS Testing Cookbook , we will cover the following recipes: Starting with testing directives Setting up templateUrl Searching elements using selectors Accessing basic HTML content Accessing repeater content

From a Static to an Interactive and Dynamic Dashboard

In this article, by David Lai and Xavier Hacking , authors of  SAP BusinessObjects Dasboards 4.1 Cookbook , we will provide developers with recipes on interactivity and look and feel of the dashboards, which will improve the dashboard user experience. We will cover the following recipes: Using the Hierarchical Table Inputting data values Displaying alerts on a map Changing the look of a chart

WooCommerce Basics

In this article by Patrick Rauland , author of the book WooCommerce Cookbook , we will focus on the following topics: Installing WooCommerce Installing official WooThemes plugins Manually creating WooCommerce pages Creating a WooCommerce plugin

Optimizing JavaScript for iOS Hybrid Apps

In this article by Chad R. Adams , author of the book, Mastering JavaScript High Performance , we are going to take a look at the process of optimizing JavaScript for iOS web apps (also known as hybrid apps). We will take a look at some common ways of debugging and optimizing JavaScript and page performance, both in a device's web browser and a standalone app's web view. Also, we'll take a look at the Apple Web Inspector and see how to use it for iOS development. Finally, we will also gain a bit of understanding about building a hybrid app and learn the tools that help to better build JavaScript-focused apps for iOS. Moreover, we'll learn about a class that might help us further in this. We are going to learn about the following topics in the article: Getting ready for iOS development iOS hybrid development

GUI Components in Qt 5

In this article by Symeon Huang , author of the book Qt 5 Blueprints , explains typical and basic GUI components in Qt 5

Dealing with Legacy Code

In this article by Arun Ravindran , author of the book Django Best Practices and Design Patterns , we will discuss the following topics: Reading a Django code base Discovering relevant documentation Incremental changes versus full rewrites Writing tests before changing code Legacy database integration

Getting Started

In this article by Mark Dunkerley , author of the book  Learning AirWatch , you will get a full understanding of all the tools included in Enterprise Mobility Management ( EMM ) with AirWatch by VMware's mobile management suite. We will go through each of the toolsets available to ensure that you understand what is available and how to set up and configure each of them. The intention of this book is not to dive into extreme detail of AirWatch's EMM but to give you the knowledge needed to understand, represent, and set up the configurations. Understand that the mobile space is an extremely fast-growing market and some of the information might have already been updated. The information presented in this book is current as of AirWatch 7.3. In this article, we will take a look at what is needed to get started with AirWatch; we will explore the different licensing options and what hosting methods are available with support. We will also look at the different types of devices that are supported along with the different profile options to manage the devices. The following will be covered in this article: An overview of AirWatch Management suite options Hosting options Support options Learning and deployment services Supported devices Device ownership

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