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Implementing 3 Naive Bayes classifiers in scikit-learn : Bernoulli, Multinomial and Gaussian naive Bayes algorithms

In this article by Giuseppe Bonaccorso , author of the book Machine Learning Algorithms , we learn about naive Bayes. This book will help you build strong foundation to enter the world of machine learning and data science. You will learn to build a data model and see how it behaves using different ML algorithms, explore support vector machines, recommendation systems, and even create a machine learning architecture from scratch

8 built-in Angular Pipes in Angular 4 that you should know

The article is an excerpt from the book Expert Angular , written by Sridhar Rao , Rajesh Gunasundaram , and Mathieu Nayrolles . This book will help you learn everything you need to build highly scalable and robust web applications using Angular 4. What are you waiting for, check out the book now to become an expert Angular developer!

K Nearest Neighbors

 In this article by Gavin Hackeling , author of book Mastering Machine Learning with scikit-learn - Second Edition , we will start with K Nearest Neighbors ( KNN ) which is a simple model for regression and classification tasks. It is so simple that its name describes most of its learning algorithm. The titular neighbors are representations of training instances in a metric space . A metric space is a feature space in which the distances between all members of a set are defined.

Consuming Diagnostic Analyzers in .NET projects

We know how to write diagnostic analyzers to analyze and report issues about .NET source code and contribute them to the .NET developer community. In this article by the author Manish Vasani , of the book  Roslyn Cookbook, we will show you how to search, install, view and configure the analyzers that have already been published by various analyzer authors on NuGet and VS Extension gallery. We will cover the following recipes:

What makes Hadoop so revolutionary?

In this article by Sourav Gulati and Sumit Kumar authors of book Apache Spark 2.x for Java Developers , explain in classical sense if we are to talk of Hadoop, then it comprises of two components a storage layer called HDFS and a processing layer called MapReduce. The resource management task prior to Hadoop 2.X was done using MapReduce Framework of Hadoop itself, however that changed with the introduction of YARN. In Hadoop 2.0 YARN was introduced as the third component of Hadoop to manage the resources of Hadoop Cluster and make it more Map Reduce agnostic.

Your First Swift Program

 In this article, by  Keith Moon author of the book  Swift 4 Programming Cookbook , we will learn how to write your first swift program.

Decision Trees

In this article by David Toth , the author of the book Data Science Algorithms in a Week , we will cover the following topics: Concepts Analysis

Getting Started with Apache Mesos

 In this article by David Blomquist author of the book  Apache Mesos Cookbook, we will be covering following topics: Installing Mesos on Ubuntu 16.04 from packages Installing Mesos on Ubuntu 14.04 from packages Installing Mesos on CentOS 7 and RHEL 7 from packages

Introduction to Raspberry Pi Zero W Wireless

In this article by Vasilis Tzivaras , the author of the book Raspberry Pi Zero W Wireless Projects , we will be covering the following topics:   An overview of the Raspberry Pi famiy An introduction to the new Raspberry Pi Zero Distribution Common issues Raspberry Pi Zero W is the new product of the Raspberry Pi Zero family. In early 2017, Raspberry Pi community has announced a new board with wireless extension. It offers wireless functionality and now everyone can develop his own projects without cables and other components. Comparing the new board with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B we can easily see that it is quite smaller with many possibilities over the Internet of Things. But what is a Raspberry Pi Zero W and why do you need it? Let' s go though the rest of the family and introduce the new board. 


Summary In this article, you learned about Microsoft Dynamics 365 and all the different products that are part of it.

Walkthrough of Storm UI

Summary We have seen how to start Storm UI daemon and we have also seen Storm home page with its sections

FastTrack to OOP - Classes and Interfaces

Summary This article gives you a quick introduction to the components of object-oriented programming and covers the new enhancements to these components in Java 8 and Java 9. We have also tried to share good OOD practices wherever applicable. Throughout the recipe, we used the new enhancements (introduced in Java 8 and Java 9), defined and demonstrated the concepts of OOD in specific code examples, and presented new capabilities for better code documentation. One can spend many hours reading articles and practical advice on OOD in books and on the internet. Some of these activities can be beneficial for some people. But, in our experience, the fastest way to get hold of OOD is to try its principles early on in your own code. This was exactly the goal of this article--to give you a chance to see and use OOD principles so that the formal definition makes sense immediately.

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