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Development Tricks with Unreal Engine 4

In this article by Benjamin Carnall , the author of Unreal Engine 4 by Example , we will look at some development tricks with Unreal Engine 4.

Creating Multitenant Applications in Azure

This article, written by Roberto Freato and Marco Parenzan , is from the book  Mastering Cloud Development using Microsoft Azure by Packt Publishing, and it teaches us how to create multitenant applications in Azure. This book guides you through the many efficient ways of mastering the cloud services and using Microsoft Azure and its services to its maximum capacity.

Adding Media to Our Site

In this article by Neeraj Kumar et al, authors of the book, Drupal 8 Development Beginner's Guide - Second Edtion , explains a text-only site is not going to hold the interest of visitors; a site needs some pizzazz and some spice! One way to add some pizzazz to your site is by adding some multimedia content, such as images, video, audio, and so on. But, we don't just want to add a few images here and there; in fact, we want an immersive and compelling multimedia experience that is easy to manage, configure, and extend. The File entity ( module for Drupal 8 will enable us to manage files very easily. In this article, we will discover how to integrate the File entity module to add images to our d8dev site, and will explore compelling ways to present images to users. This will include taking a look at the integration of a lightbox-type UI element for displaying the File-entity-module-managed images, and learning how we can create custom image styles through UI and code. The following topics will be covered in this article: The File entity module for Drupal 8 Adding a Recipe image field to your content types Code example—image styles for Drupal 8 Displaying recipe images in a lightbox popup Working with Drupal issue queues

Communication and Network Security

In this article by M. L. Srinivasan , the author of the book CISSP in 21 Days, Second Edition , the communication and network security domain deals with the security of voice and data communications through Local area, Wide area, and Remote access networking. Candidates are expected to have knowledge in the areas of secure communications; securing networks; threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, and countermeasures to communication networks; and protocols that are used in remote access.

Five common questions for .NET/Java developers learning JavaScript and Node.js

In this article by Harry Cummings , author of the book Learning Node.js for .NET Developers  For those with web development experience in .NET or Java, perhaps who've written some browser-based JavaScript in the past, it might not be obvious why anyone would want to take JavaScript beyond the browser and treat it as a general-purpose programming language. However, this is exactly what Node.js does. What's more, Node.js has been around for long enough now to have matured as a platform, and has sustained its impressive growth in popularity well beyond any period that could be attributed to initial hype over a new technology. In this introductory article, we'll look at why Node.js is a compelling technology worth learning more about, and address some of the common barriers and sources of confusion that developers encounter when learning Node.js and JavaScript.

A capability model for microservices

In this article by Rajesh RV , the author of Spring Microservices , you will learn aboutthe concepts of microservices. More than sticking to definitions, it is better to understand microservices by examining some common characteristics of microservices that are seen across many successful microservices implementations. Spring Boot is an ideal framework to implement microservices. In this article, we will examine how to implement microservices using Spring Boot with an example use case. Beyond services, we will have to be aware of the challenges around microservices implementation. This article will also talk about some of the common challenges around microservices. A successful microservices implementation has to have some set of common capabilities. In this article, we will establish a microservices capability model that can be used in a technology-neutral framework to implement large-scale microservices.

Sizing and Configuring your Hadoop Cluster

Learn to size, configure and optimize the Hadoop cluster for MapReduce.

Creating Your Own Theme—A Wordpress Tutorial

Want your WordPress blog to look professional and well designed? Here's a simple article that will help you to create and style your own theme!

OpenCV: Image Processing using Morphological Filters

In this article by Robert Laganière , author of OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook , we will cover opening, closing, eroding, and dilating images using morphological filters, as well as detecting edges and corners.

Speeding up Gradle builds for Android

In this article by Kevin Pelgrims , the author of the book, Gradle for Android , we will cover a few tips and tricks that will help speed up the Gradle builds.

Exception Handling in MySQL for Python

Integrate the flexibility, features, and power of Python and MySQL to boost the productivity of your website and desktop applications.

Web Components

In this article by Arshak Khachatryan , the author of  Getting Started with Polymer , we will discuss web components. Currently, web technologies are growing rapidly. Though most websites use these technologies nowadays, we come across many with a bad, unresponsive UI design and awful performance. The only reason we should think about a responsive website is that users are now moving to the mobile web. 55% of the web users use mobile phones because they are faster and more comfortable. This is why we need to provide mobile content in the simplest way possible. Everything is moving to minimalism, even the Web. The new web standards are changing rapidly too. In this article, we will cover one of these new technologies, web components, and what they do. We will discuss the following specifications of web components in this article: Templates Shadow DOM

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