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PacktLib has now been updated for use on mobile devices, including the iPad. This enables for more intuitive scrolling and navigation and has also been optimised to improve performance and speed. The following updates have now gone live:

  • Toolbars have been modified when in mobile mode to fit the iPad's resolution
  • Touch zooming has been completely disabled
  • Paging toolbars both for the book view and the page view have been moved to the bottom toolbar, leaving more space for other buttons at the top of the screen
  • Selecting a category from the left hand library tree now changes the main panel to filter by this category
  • The grouping view (icons by category) has been removed as it is now a redundant option

We have also received some questions about how to scroll and navigate through PacktLib on the iPad. Any region that doesn’t take up the whole iPad browser page needs a two finger swipe to scroll inside. Therefore to scroll down through the table of contents or a book’s page, you will need to use two fingers, as this unintentionally patronizing photograph below illustrates:

PacktLib iPad screenshot

Click for a more detailed guide on getting started with PacktLib.

If you have any questions about PacktLib or feedback about your experience using it, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at


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