Using Elasticsearch and Kibana [Video]

More Information
  • Construct robust, scalable search for production use in web and enterprise apps
  • Query ES using the ES Domain Specific Language
  • Perform aggregations to extract insights and run analytics on ES
  • Interface with ES using Python

Elasticsearch wears two hats: It is both a powerful search engine built atop Apache Lucene, as well as a serious data warehousing/BI technology. This course will help you use the power of ES in both contexts: -
ES as search engine technology and ES as data warehouse/OLAP technology.

Style and Approach

Substantial introductory coverage of Elasticsearch. Kibana is brushed over superficially, providing only an idea of what it is used for. This course explains the inner workings of ElasticSearch very clearly.

  • How search works, and the role that inverted indices and relevance scoring play
  • The tf-idf algorithm and the intuition behind term frequency, inverse document frequency and field length
  • Horizontal scaling using sharding and replication
  • Powerful querying functionality including a query-DSL
  • Using REST APIs - from browser as well as from cURL
  • Kibana for exploring data and finding insights
  • Support for CRUD operations - Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete
  • Aggregations - metrics, bucketing and nested aggs
  • Python client usage
Course Length 6 hours 11 minutes
ISBN 9781789134438
Date Of Publication 14 Feb 2018



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