Troubleshooting Tableau [Video]

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  • Prepare data for analysis/visualization in Tableau
  • Connect and join different data sources
  • Use table calculations to analyze data
  • Use calculated fields and Level of Detail (LOD) expressions
  • Use set actions to enhance user interactivity and analysis
  • Use transparent sheets in your dashboards
  • Resolve common issues with maps (such as locations not being recognized)
  • Become familiar with common pitfalls in data visualization and design and learn how to avoid them.
  • Declutter your visualizations
  • Design an effective and clear visualization

Tableau is the one of the fastest growing and industry- leading Business Intelligence platforms that and empowers business users to easily visualize their data and discover insights faster.

With this course, you will get practical solutions to the common faced challenges with Tableau. Each section of this course will tackle problems faced in specific areas of data visualization and analysis with Tableau.

You will start by learning ways to add data by connecting to various types of data sources and resolve issues in Tableau Desktop. Then you'll prepare and wrangle your data to make it consistent and easy to work with. Next you will organize data, use filters to investigate your visualizations, and share the data.

You will then aggregate data, and explore functions and LOD expressions to create a calculated field. Lastly you will troubleshoot an interactive dashboard and optimize it to tell a story.

The project files for this course is placed here:

Style and Approach

This course is a series of practical examples covering the most commonly encountered tableau issues, and how to deal with them.This course will take you through a journey of exploring the architecture of Tableau. You will be given a detailed understanding of its ecosystem and how to solve common problems with helpful tips and tricks.

  • Learn visualization best practices and data analysis techniques by solving real-life analytics problems
  • Master troubleshooting techniques for the common Tableau issues raised in Tableau
  • Practical examples on showing you how to troubleshoot and optimize interactive dashboards and optimizing it
Course Length 1 hour 48 minutes
ISBN 9781789137767
Date Of Publication 29 Mar 2019


Arash Shadkam

Arash Shadkam is a Data Storyteller, Tableau-Featured Author (2018) and a graduate researcher at the University of British Columbia in the Civil Engineering department, focusing on building health monitoring dashboards for mechanical equipment in buildings. He is a big fan of data and loves helping people unlock the value in their data and tell a story with it.

He has implemented a number of end-to-end visualization projects (acquisition-cleansing-analysis-visualization) for different clients, including the public sector and start-ups. They have enabled them to make well-informed decisions.!/