TIBCO Spotfire - A Comprehensive Primer

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  • Master core data concepts, model the source data, slice and dice dimensional data, and define metrics and key performance indicators
  • Learn to deploy Spotfire's suite of visualization types effectively and intelligently
  • Build user-friendly analytics frameworks with Spotfire text areas and property controls
  • Understand the different ways Spotfire can be deployed, licensed, and administered
  • Use Spotfire's location analytics capabilities to create interactive geographic and nongeographic spatial analyses
  • Write IronPython scripts against the Spotfire API to tackle and solve challenging analysis framework requirements
  • Combine all your newfound or enhanced data, visualization, and programming skills to build self-service business intelligence solutions
  • Explore Spotfire's predictive analytics, mobile metrics, event analytics, and advanced data services capabilities

The need for agile business intelligence (BI) is growing daily, and TIBCO Spotfire combines a self-service feature set with essential enterprise governance capabilities to deliver analytics solutions. Spotfire is easy and intuitive to use and can also be a rewarding development environment for all BI users.

Starting with data and visualization concepts, this book takes you through increasingly advanced topics toward the goal of becoming a professional analytics solution provider. It explains data and visualization concepts and follows through with practical examples, such as getting data into Spotfire and using its visualization features. You will learn to build sophisticated user interactivity frameworks and spatial analytics, and administer the Spotfire environment.

This book ends with a case study on self-service BI and leaves you equipped to contribute to the demand for more agile BI.

  • Learn how easy it can be to use text areas, property controls, and python scripts to create polished, professional Spotfire applications
  • Become more informed about self-service analytics and contribute to community dialogue on best-practice approaches to the empowerment of self-service business intelligence
  • Follow this step-by-step guide packed with real-world examples on how to use data and visualization techniques to build insightful and interactive analyses with Spotfire
Page Count 348
Course Length 10 hours 26 minutes
ISBN 9781782176404
Date Of Publication 19 Feb 2015


Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips is the original author of the first edition of TIBCO Spotfire: A Comprehensive Primer. He is an eClinical product innovator specializing in informatics solutions that support the drug development process generally, and clinical risk management in particular. He is a creative analyst with over 14 years' experience in IT and business intelligence and 5 years' experience in clinical informatics. He has a background in medicine and general science publishing, and a PhD in biochemistry (drug metabolism).